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SB Nation Blogger Removed From Masthead Following Deletion Of Bad Post

On Tuesday night, the editor of SLC Dunk, SB Nation’s Utah Jazz blog, published an article about Gordon Hayward signing with the Boston Celtics. The put-up contained attempted jokes that got her off as homophobic, and it was deleted following the appendage of two prolonged editor’s notes. Now it seems that the editor who wrote the publication, who writes underneath AllThatAmar, has been fired. Amar identifies himself because of the editor of SLC Dunk in his Twitter bio (Update, 1:43 pm: His Twitter account does not mention any affiliation with SB Nation). Still, as of the day, he has been removed from the web page’s masthead. A cached model of the masthead from July 2 has him listed as one of the website’s two editors.

Though the submitted approximately Hayward has been deleted, a cached model can be examined here. Here are screenshots of the two jokes, alongside the editor’s notes: If Amar has certainly been fired, his destiny will serve as any other example of ways SB Nation’s sprawling, decentralized community of sites can motivate complications. The company’s group blogs operate with little oversight, leading to unpaid bloggers committing plagiarism or poorly conceived blogs being rushed on holiday. As an SLC Dunk editor, Amar is, in theory, imagining offering the oversight that could save you an embarrassing put-up like this from being published.


Even the editors and placement managers in the SB Nation net only receive a paltry monthly stipend for their paintings, even though, so no person can be too amazed. At the same time, every one of them, even as working on vacation, for now, not tons pay, publishes an ill-cautioned post that possibly might have in no way visible the mild of the day had it been a concern to a professionalized modifying process Submitted On March 10, 2017, Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this text on Facebook Share this text on Twitter Share this article on Google+ Share this newsletter on Linkedin Share this newsletter on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this text on Reddit Share this text on Pinterest.

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Blogging – A Way to Express Yourself

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Blogging as a Hobby or as a Career

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