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A Blogger Is Rescuing The Mosul Libraries That ISIS Destroyed, One Book At A Time

In 2014, ISIS ransacked Mosul, Iraq, burning down the library in its prestigious college and forcing professors to re-write textbooks in a manner sympathetic to the new regime. Now, an anonymous blogger is rescuing the Mosul libraries that ISIS destroyed, one book at a time, as said with the aid of Buzzfeed. ISIS’ three-yr-lengthy occupation of Mosul, Iraq, may also have ended this summer, as Iraqi forces reportedly reclaimed the city’s mosque from the imposed caliphate. But the damage resulting from the Islamic State remains a truth that the Iraqi blogger referred to as “Mosul Eye” recognizes. Mosul Eye claims to be a University of Mosul professor before the ISIS takeover. Today, they use their weblog to update the world’s relaxation on lifestyles in Mosul and call for rebuilding efforts across the town.


One of those rebuilding tasks is focused on the Central Library of the University of Mosul. In May, the Mosul Eye Festival — which featured art exhibits and song concerts — advocated celebrants to deliver books to them to help restock the library’s cabinets. According to BuzzFeed, Mosul Eye and a group of volunteers were able to rescue approximately 2,000 of the library’s “hundreds of hundreds of books” after authorities’ forces liberated the location. Now, Mosul Eye has released a marketing campaign to gather 2 hundred 000 books for Mosul libraries. Joined by using companies from the U.S., Europe, and someplace else, Mosul Eye has acquired 10,000 books thus far. The activists wish to reopen Mosul’s libraries in early 2018.

How Blogging Can Plug Those Income Gaps

Blogging to make money requires some simple steps that want to be carried out. One of the quality methods to reap achievement while starting as a newbie is replicating what successful bloggers do. Many sources on the web will help you along with your running a blog profession. However, I might recommend you pick one and keep on with it, not locate yourself repeating steps or missing out on important development stages.

Choose your area of interest.

We all have one. Something that we focus on or are superb at. Whether baking cupcakes or constructing boats, all the ways to write code for browsers or internet site plugins. Once you have decided on what it is, which you realize the quality and blog about, do a little study. Survey what other bloggers in the identical niche are blogging about and study their visibility, achievement, and recognition.

Choose your platform

When starting from scratch, particularly for the newcomer, a geared-up-made platform is usually satisfactory. I advocate using Blogger or WordPress.Com and accomplish that for motives other than the ease of access and use. To begin, the hosting is loose. Then there may be several correct documentation on those platforms while a blogger wishes to help format the website’s look or feature extra capabilities for their readers.

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Developing Visibility

We all realize that it’s no use beginning a big supermarket in the jungle’s center wherein there is no civilization for a hundred miles in any route. Blogging is plenty the same. We can write all we want, but it’s fruitless exercising if it’s not sturdy. There are mainstream strategies to develop visibility. One is called organic seek, and the other is called paid search.

Social Media

When blogging for money step, one is to build all of the foundations for organic seeking. These encompass setting up and populating Social Media systems with applicable content material. Developing and posting photograph and video content drives the ratings for most blogs. The truly apparent Social Media Channels to expand are as follows:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Vine

There are several other online social systems to rely on the niche in which you are blogging. You will locate greater approximately these when studying your place.
Content Development When content is online, the context generally means video, image, written, or interactive materials that the vacationer for your weblog engages with. Apart from putting in your weblog and the alternative systems wherein your content material could be hosted, you’ll want to build content material development skills, which are quickly learned.


There are a few excellent online types of equipment for growing quick expert searching movies and masses of resources for creative commons photographs. Make sure that you recognize the copyright rules while the usage of a person else’s work. Once you’ve got installation your Blog site and social media assets and commenced creating content, you need to make certain that they are all connected and features turn out to be seen by the search engines like Google. This undertaking is known as SEO

search engine optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is the approach you enforce that ensures you come up while a person searches for you on Google, Yahoo, or elsewhere. Find an excellent useful resource that includes steerage on each keyword and competitor studies so that you plan how to become just that little more seen than your competitors.

Good search engine marketing is made up at the backbone of building proper links, in which great now not quantity subjects and there are several locations to start. Content curation includes Scoop. It and content control with suggestions, including the drum. Up are excellent resources. You can even want to carry out social bookmarking on websites including Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit, which will promote all the indexing exceptional of your blog and the traffic.


There are three desirable methods to monetize your weblog. The first is thru affiliate advertising. This method promotes a person else’s product for the commission; it is the perfect online marketing method as it involves links to a companion web page. There aren’t any logistics, price gateways, or whatever else to fear approximately. It’s as straightforward as placing an identifying hyperlink that your readers click on to shop for a product, and the commission is yours.

The 2d method is thru Advertising your blog using a third-birthday celebration company that includes Google AdSense. You receive a commission whenever someone clicks on a link. Once you’re set up and have a successful visibility approach, click-throughs will boom appreciably. The 0.33 method is to sell your merchandise, although initially, I advise that this is left till closing; otherwise, you initially promote digital merchandise best. I have, however, seen crafters develop the Etsy and Dawanda shops correctly using their blogs as a springboard.

Finally, build a mailing list if you want your weblog to pay your payments. Don’t buy one. Build one. Plenty of easy DIY Form widgets allow you to collect subscribers as they arrive at your weblog, and the approach for ensuring a sign-on is to provide something in going back.

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