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HLS Academic Calendar: Important Dates and Deadlines


The Harvard Law School (H.L.S.) academic calendar is an essential resource for students, faculty, and staff to manage important dates and deadlines throughout the academic year. It is meticulously designed to give students sufficient time to complete coursework, prepare for examinations, and engage in extracurricular activities. The calendar also offers a structured framework for faculty to organize classes, exams, and other academic events.
HLS Academic Calendar
The H.L.S. academic calendar is structured into two primary semesters: fall and spring. Each semester contains its own set of key dates, deadlines, and holidays. The calendar encompasses critical information regarding registration periods, add/drop deadlines, examination schedules, and graduation ceremonies.

By adhering to the H.L.S. academic calendar, students can effectively plan their educational and personal schedules, maximizing their time and opportunities at Harvard Law School. This comprehensive planning tool ensures that all members of the H.L.S. community are well-informed about important academic milestones and events throughout the year.

Key Takeaways

  • The H.L.S. Academic Calendar is divided into Fall and Spring semesters, with specific key dates and deadlines for each semester.
  • Key dates for the Fall Semester include the start and end of classes and holidays and breaks.
  • Important deadlines for the Spring Semester include registration, add/drop, and other academic deadlines.
  • Academic holidays and breaks are scheduled throughout the year, including Thanksgiving and winter break.
  • Registration and add/drop deadlines are crucial for students to add or drop courses without penalty.

Key Dates for the Fall Semester

Key Dates and Events

One of the most critical dates in the fall semester is the start of classes, which marks the beginning of the academic year and sets the tone for the rest of the semester. Following the start of classes, students can look forward to other key dates, such as add/drop deadlines, midterm exams, and reading periods. These dates are crucial for students to keep track of as they navigate their coursework and prepare for exams.

Academic Holidays and Breaks

The fall semester also includes academic holidays and breaks, such as Thanksgiving recess, which provide students with much-needed time to rest and recharge before the final push toward the end of the semester.

A Busy and Exciting Time

Overall, the fall semester is a busy and exciting time at Harvard Law School, filled with important dates and events that shape the academic experience for students and faculty alike.

Important Deadlines for the Spring Semester

The spring semester at H.L.S. typically begins in early January and runs through mid-May. Similar to the fall semester, it is filled with important deadlines and events that students must keep track of. One of the key dates in the spring semester is the start of classes, which signals the beginning of a new academic term and sets the stage for the rest of the semester.

Following the start of classes, students can expect important deadlines such as add/drop deadlines, paper submission deadlines, and final exam schedules. These deadlines are crucial for students to adhere to as they navigate their coursework and prepare for exams. Additionally, the spring semester includes academic holidays and breaks, such as spring break, which allow students to relax and recharge before the final stretch of the academic year.

Overall, the spring semester is a dynamic and fast-paced time at H.L.S., filled with important deadlines and events that shape the academic experience for students and faculty.

Academic Holidays and Breaks

Academic Holidays and BreaksDates
Winter BreakDecember 24 – January 1
Spring BreakMarch 15 – March 19
Summer BreakJune 1 – August 31
Fall BreakOctober 15 – October 19

Throughout the academic year, H.L.S. observes several academic holidays and breaks that provide students with much-needed time off from their studies. These breaks are strategically placed to allow students to rest and recharge before returning to their coursework. One of the most significant breaks is Thanksgiving recess, which typically occurs in late November and provides students a few days off to celebrate the holiday with family and friends.

Additionally, H.L.S. observes a winter break in late December and early January, giving students an extended period to relax and prepare for the upcoming spring semester. Another important break is spring break, which typically occurs in March and allows students to take a break from their studies and enjoy some time off. These breaks are essential for students to maintain a healthy work-life balance and prevent burnout during the academic year.

By observing these academic holidays and breaks, H.L.S. ensures that students have the opportunity to rest and recharge, ultimately enhancing their overall educational experience.

Registration and Add/Drop Deadlines

Registration and add/drop deadlines are crucial components of the H.L.S. academic calendar that allow students to manage their course schedules effectively. Registration typically occurs before each semester starts, allowing students to select their courses for the upcoming term. During this time, students must carefully review course offerings, meet with advisors, and finalize their schedules to ensure they are on track to meet their academic requirements.

Additionally, add/drop deadlines are important dates that allow students to change their course schedules after the semester has begun. These deadlines provide students with a window of time to add or drop courses without penalty, allowing them to make adjustments based on their academic needs and interests. By adhering to registration and add/drop deadlines, students can ensure that they are enrolled in the courses that best align with their academic goals and interests.

Exam Periods and Reading Periods

Graduation and Commencement Dates

Graduation and commencement dates are significant milestones in the H.L.S. academic calendar that mark the culmination of students’ educational journeys at Harvard Law School. Graduation typically occurs at the end of each semester and celebrates the achievements of students who have completed their degree requirements. During graduation ceremonies, students are recognized for their hard work and dedication, and they can celebrate this momentous occasion with family, friends, faculty, and staff.

Additionally, commencement ceremonies allow students to reflect on their experiences at H.L.S. and look forward to their future endeavors. These ceremonies often feature distinguished speakers, awards presentations, and other special events that make graduation a memorable and meaningful experience for students. By participating in graduation and commencement ceremonies, students can celebrate their accomplishments and transition into the next phase of their lives with pride and confidence.

In conclusion, the H.L.S. academic calendar is a comprehensive guide that provides students with essential information about key dates, deadlines, holidays, and events throughout the academic year. By following the calendar closely, students can effectively plan their schedules, manage their coursework, and make the most of their time at Harvard Law School. The calendar is designed to ensure that students have ample time to complete their coursework, prepare for exams, participate in extracurricular activities, observe academic holidays and breaks, manage registration and add/drop deadlines, navigate exam periods and reading periods, and celebrate graduation and commencement dates.

Ultimately, the H.L.S. academic calendar is a valuable resource that supports students’ academic success and enriches their overall experience at Harvard Law School.


What is the H.L.S. Academic Calendar?

The H.L.S. Academic Calendar schedules important dates and events for Harvard Law School, including the start and end of classes, exam periods, and holidays.

When does the H.L.S. Academic Calendar typically start and end?

The H.L.S. Academic Calendar typically starts in late August or early September and ends in May.

What are some key dates included in the H.L.S. Academic Calendar?

Key dates in the H.L.S. Academic Calendar may consist of the first day of classes, the last day to add or drop courses, exam periods, and holidays such as Thanksgiving and spring break.

Where can I find the current H.L.S. Academic Calendar?

The current H.L.S. Academic Calendar can typically be found on the Harvard Law School website or through the school’s academic calendar portal.

Are there different academic calendars for other programs at H.L.S.?

Yes, there may be different academic calendars for different HLS programs.S., such as the J, LL.M.ram, and S.J.programsram.

Can the H.L.S. Academic Calendar change?

The H.L.S. Academic Calendar can change due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather or other emergencies. Students and faculty need to stay updated on any changes to the academic calendar.

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