From WordPress to Apple News, Instant Articles, and AMP

Apple: Ship us your content material in our unique layout and we’ll make it to be had in Apple News and greater people will study it and be glad along with your brand… wink.

Google: Link up this JavaScript library and format your content on this special way, and we’ll hook you up in seek effects… wink.

Facebook: format your content material in our special way and Ship it over and it’ll load outstanding rapid and those will like it and be happy with your logo… wink.

Me: Hi there, something you want. As long as…

It’s no longer very much work
The content material’s canonical domestic is my website
I just want human beings to read and like CSS-Tricks. Ideally I will monetize on (desirable, curated) subsidized content that makes its manner to all these channels anyway My Live Updates.


There may be a WordPress plugin: Put up to Apple News. It formats your content material mechanically into the “Apple News layout” (that’s sincerely JSON!).


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But in an effort to really Post that JSON to Apple News, you’ll want to sign up as an Information Writer. It’ll in all likelihood take a touch time to get approved, But I imagine any halfway decent blog will be. I’ve seen some pretty garbagey stuff on Apple News so I don’t suppose the requirements are very high. I suppose it took about every week for CSS-Hints.

When you’re accredited, you manipulate the entirety through the iCloud website. You may upload group contributors, add branding pix, set up the marketing, see analytics, and things like that.