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Bizarre new beauty treatment that resembles a scene from a horror film sees women cover their with orange paste

How long way might you visit to have the best pores and skin?

Well, one beauty blogger has shared a video of her getting a treatment that involves having thick orange paste unfold all over her face, which includes across her eyes and mouth.
Andrea Novoa, who has popular Instagram and Facebook debts, posted approximately the claustrophobic facial method in one-of-a-kind clips on her account in June and August.

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In a single video, she shared how the ‘Himalayan’ treatment, which incorporates goji berries, works. The blogger first gets a face massage and steam within the clip before having microdermabrasion and a skinny cloth on her face. The orange goji berry and quinoa masks are applied thickly to the front, masking even the eyes and mouth. The blogger does not seem stressed through the claustrophobic show, which sits on the skin for several minutes before being peeled off.

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She clarified Within the caption of her video that ‘not anything hurts’ about the facial and that she thinks it enables her to detoxify her pores and skin and make it luminous Give Sunlight. It’s not the first time Ms. Novoa has attempted a mask like this. In an earlier video, she had the identical treatment simplest with a nutrition C and seaweed masks rather than a goji berry one. The nutrition C and seaweed mask reportedly prevent premature aging in keeping with Ms. Novoa. The sooner video of the remedy has been considered in more than 775,000 instances, with loads of the blogger’s followers commenting on it. Given that the blogger’s skin looks perfect, we will no longer knock it until we’ve attempted it.

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