Fighting Israel’s Battle Online An Interview with Influential Blogger: ‘Elder of Ziyon’

On March 1, “Elder of Ziyon” – the anonymous writer at the back of . Com – posted a map from a McGraw Hill university textbook purporting to show “Palestinian lack of land 1946 to 2000.” Considering that Jews have often been called “Palestinians” earlier than 1948, and that Palestinian Arabs – as a “state” – in no way owned any territory until Israel carved out self reliant regions for them in 1993, the map become pretty misleading.

Elder of Ziyon demanded that McGraw Hill “be held responsible for pushing such propaganda in university classrooms” and called on his readers to the writer. Remarkably, within per week, McGraw Hill had removed the e-book from movement and promised to ruin all ultimate copies.Resnick 090916 Elder of Ziyon Logo

It’s miles victories like these, and many smaller ones, that motivate Elder of Ziyon – the call is “supposed to be ironic,” he says – to maintain blogging daily, as he has for over 12 years Do Savor.

The Jewish Press: Why do you blog underneath an alias?

Elder of Ziyon: I’m not worried about demise threats or something like that. The primary motive is professional. I work in a high-tech industry and it doesn’t assist my career capability to use my actual name. For any destiny jobs, human beings could see my name and assume I’m no longer doing any paintings – that I blog all day.

Do you?

No. I blog early in the morning, on the train to work, and often earlier than I visit mattress.

There’s no scarcity of seasoned-Israel websites and blogs. Why the need in your website?

Quite a few the evaluation I do, I don’t see each person else doing. As an example, there has been a report the alternative week that fifty-one percent of Palestinians assist a -state solution. As opposed to simply analyzing the news story, although, I took the time to appearance up the actual questions of the survey and noticed one of the questions they didn’t report on. The question become: might you assist a two-nation solution if it meant the battle turned into absolutely over and no extra claims can be made?


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To that question, the big majority of Palestinians said “No.” And I used to be capable to relate that to an in advance survey that confirmed that after Palestinians say they need a -state answer, they best imply that as a stage to the whole destruction of Israel.

How many readers do you’ve got?

I get approximately 250,000 readers, or hits, a month. And I’ve influential readers too. On occasion, As an instance, Pill mag or Remark will see my testimonies and run with them.

Where do you get your news stories?

Many of them come from Arabic sites. Each day I look for certain keywords in Arab media that would indicate an interesting story. I don’t understand Arabic, but I use Google Translate – which I’ve gotten desirable at over time – and I’ll [confirm translations] with professionals in Arabic if the story looks very vital.

From time to time I just publish material that other human beings may not have seen. As an example, the alternative night time I posted a hyperlink to the Israel Air Force internet site, which had a bit at the fiftieth anniversary of Operation Yahalom in which the Mossad helped an Iraqi disorder to Israel with a Soviet MiG-21 fighter jet [an operation that eventually helped Israel win the Six-Day War]. It became at the IAF website online for 2 weeks, however I didn’t see all of us else cowl it.

A lot of those tales I discover on my own, however others come from lovers of the website. After they see something uncommon, they’ll send it to me. That’s how I got the tale of the [anti-Israel map in the] McGraw Hill textbook. One of my contacts saw it over anyone’s shoulder on the subway and told me approximately it.

What could you assert are a number of the highlights of your 12-12 months blogging career?

Considered one of them came throughout the 2012 conflict Operation Pillar of Defense. Two times all through that battle there had been stories of youngsters killed with the aid of Israeli rockets and both of these instances I was able to prove, with the assist of military specialists, that it changed into surely Hamas rockets that killed them. One of the youngsters became really the child of a BBC reporter.

Every other highlight turned into revealing that Human Rights Watch researcher Marc Garlasco changed into clearly a gourmand and collector of Nazi memorabilia. It turned into a joint attempt of several bloggers however I got the unique tip. And as soon as we began publicizing the news, Human Rights Watch, in its attempt to protect him, ended up doing what’s known as “sock puppetry,” this means that they started out commenting on this kind of blogs pretending to be regular people despite the fact that we saw that the IP address was coming from Human Rights Watch. That of direction made the story additionally thrilling. Ultimately, Garlasco had to resign.

Likely the largest story I broke, though, became about an NGO called MIFTAH founded through Hanan Ashrawi, who’s usually on Television blasting Israel as a representative of the PLO. Her organisation had articles in Arabic supporting terrorism and claiming that Jews had been killing Christian youngsters to use their blood for matzah. This is a 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 Western human rights’ employer – an NGO – that gets money from foremost Western governments. So the tale became very huge, and In the long run they had to apologize.

What’s subsequent for you?

I would really like to make the stuff I write more everlasting. I need to prepare extra of a reference-kind internet site; there’s Plenty of statistics on my web page, however I need to make it less difficult for people to discover matters and use it as an aid.

I also commenced writing an ebook approximately the supposed Palestinian proper of return. I used to be doing an evaluation – both historic and felony – to look if there’s any advantage whatsoever to the claim because I’m very involved that even supposing there’s a peace plan at some point, people will use this right of go back as their subsequent step in delegitimizing Israel. So I want to make certain all the history and prison arguments about it are acknowledged ahead of time.

I’ve plenty of ideas and lots of things I’d like to do, but it calls for more resources, more funding, and partnership. I’m genuinely hoping to be able to take this to the following level.

Elliot Resnick
about the author: Elliot Resnick is a Jewish Press editor and writer, as well as the author of “Movers and Shakers: Sixty Prominent Personalities Communicate Their Thoughts on Tape” and editor of “Perfection: The Torah Best.”
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