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Questions to Ask Your Electrician Before Hiring

Are you in search of an experienced electrician who can render reliable electrical services? If yes, then this article is for you. Read it till the end to know how to find the best electrical contractor. Electricity is dangerous to deal with. If wires, switches, and panels are handled without any expertise, it can lead to electric shock, electric fire, or electrocution. Thus, it is crucial to hire an electrician who is well learned and takes all the safety measures while performing electricity work. But, with several electricians in the city, it is challenging to find a trustworthy professional. However, by asking the electrician’s questions, you can ascertain that you are hiring a reliable professional only.


Question #1. Are you licensed to perform electrical work? 

As electricity is the riskiest trade around, you can’t afford anything less than quality services. And it is only a licensed electrician who can provide you with the best services as he has gone through proper training. And only a well-trained professional is licensed by the authorities to provide electrical services. Moreover, a license with the electrical contractor indicates that he is serious about his profession and delivers quality services by using safety measures. In case the electrician denies showing the license, immediately move out and look for some other professional.

Question #2. What special training do you have for being an electrician?

This is important to ask if you need an electrician for some specific expertise. Maybe a general contractor can meet your needs, but it is always good to hire an expert at handling special installation projects.

 Question #3. Are you insured?

As it is perilous to deal with electricity, the presence of insurance is a must. It is because even after following all the safety measures, sometimes things can go wrong. In case you hire an uninsured electrician, you will be held liable in case of an accident. So, make sure to select only an insured electrical contractor. An insured contractor understands the nature of work and comprehends the importance of insurance in the electrical trade.

Question #4. Do you have any experience?

More the experience the contractor, the better services you will get. An experienced electrician has worked on several projects throughout his professional life. He has good knowledge about the problems that he may face while working on your project because of his expertise. With this in mind, make sure to hire only an experienced contractor.

Question # 5. Can you provide references?

By taking the list of past clients’ references, you can get an idea about the contractor and its services. So, get some time from your busy schedule and talk to the previous customers of the electrician. Ask them if they were satisfied by the services of the electrician, did he complete the job on time, they will hire him in the future or not.

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