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Three Things That Will Keep Your Personal Data Secure

In a world where data is probably as valuable as gold, many people are scrambling to protect their privacy and information, which can easily be used, stolen, and sold online. With massive data breaches on many popular websites and companies such as Facebook and Yahoo, how safe do you think your information and data are? The truth is, some information about you may have already been somewhere being used by someone, be it legally or not. If you are privacy-conscious like me, who hates having my data lying somewhere over the internet, then here are the three devices that will help keep your information safe and secure

Bitcoin Wallets

Tired of having your credit card information stolen every time you buy something online? Suppose you are dubious about using conventional digital wallets such as PayPal and Cash App that can easily be tampered with by ethical hackers. In that case, you might want to try creating a Bitcoin wallet. A Bitcoin wallet is where you can store your bitcoins — today’s most popular cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual currencies that are encrypted using cryptography. What’s so special about these currencies is that they are almost impossible to counterfeit, and it has a unique distributed ledger called “blockchain technology.” We wouldn’t want to drown you in the technicalities, but bitcoins are popular nowadays, and you might have already heard about them.

Bitcoin wallets used to be fully digital with strings of numbers and letters that act as your bitcoins’ wallet address or storage. However, physical Bitcoin wallets are now available as hardware devices. There are tons of companies offering Bitcoin wallets. You can use Bitcoin to pay online (given that the merchant accepts Bitcoin payments) without having to divulge a single piece of your personal information. You only need your bitcoins and wallet, and you can shop online.

USB Data Blockers

USB data blockers mask your USB port, preventing your device from being infected with malware and viruses. They are also known as “USB condoms.” This device sits between your USB cable and the USB charging port. These data blockers are useful, especially when you plug your phone or laptop into public places, such as public charging ports in parks or coffee shops. With this device, the chances of malware trying to steal or access your data are significantly lessened. USB blockers are cheap and can be bought online—a small price to pay for your privacy and peace of mind.

Satellite Phones

Suppose you are a start-up or a small business owner in any field looking to establish an efficient, fast, and secure way of communicating with your team or someone looking for an alternative to conventional cellular phones. In that case, you might want to consider a satellite phone. With satellite phones, you have cell reception everywhere, with the network of satellites orbiting the planet round the clock. Should cell towers suddenly malfunction and you need to make an important call, satellite phones will still be up and running. Communicating with your loved ones or team during emergencies is a nice plus.

This does not mean satellite phones are foolproof when protecting your data, especially during calls, but there are many benefits if you’re considering buying one. Unlike smartphones, there won’t be massive data breaches, such as in the current handhelds we have today. Satellite phones are not the frequent subject of hacking and malicious codes either. Calls may be intercepted, and a hacker may be eavesdropping on your call. Still, they won’t be able to steal all your personal information, such as credit card and social security numbers, full name, and address, compared to a hacked laptop or cellular phone. And if you are getting a satellite phone from a reputable company with strong encryption protocols, intercepting calls should be the least of your worries.

Satellite phones are useful in many fields, whether for business or private organizations. If you’re keen on getting one for your business or your family, we recommend buying a sat phone that Canalways delivers security and efficiency. Checking out products such as the Iridium Satellite PTT would be well worth your time, guaranteeing a safe channel for your communication need. The digital era opened up ways for people to maintain data privacy. Still, as more ways to keep security checked come up, an equal number of ways to eradicate privacy also pop up.

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