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Ditch these kitchen gadgets and shortcuts when cooking

Some Internet pointers and tricks are exceptional now not managing because they often add greater mess, waste, and paintings.

Not all kitchen shortcuts are equal.

The Internet (or your Aunt Mabel) has a million ideas for making cooking less complicated or faster; however, be warned: not all these so-known tips are as clever as they’ll sound. Although tempting to attempt, a few kitchen shortcuts can be more trouble than they’re well worth, leaving you with a greater mess, much less success, and lots more frustration than had you just performed in an old-school manner. Here are some of the worst offenders.

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  • Making DIY buttermilk

Yes, you could mimic the acidity and function of buttermilk using blending milk with lemon juice or vinegar, but you can’t get anywhere near the right texture and zing. Real buttermilk makes the fluffiest pancakes, the maximum smooth biscuits, the creamiest dressings, and the most satisfactory muffins — and it lasts for several weeks, so don’t feel you want to use it all at once.

 kitchen gadgets

Ripening avocados in the oven

This is such tragic waste of time, energy, and avocado. Baking avocados to ripen them doesn’t work. At all. It softens the avocado flesh a little. However, the flavor isn’t anything like an avocado. It’s more like warm, bland mush. However, There’s nothing for it, letting them ripen on the counter.

Separating eggs with a water bottle

Separating eggs ought to be a problem for many human beings because foolish thoughts about how to do it “higher” abound. The one where you crack the egg into a bowl, then hold an empty plastic bottle over the yolk and suck it up into the bottle is the worst. It simplest works — or even then simply slightly — if the yolk is company and intact, and you maintain the bottle simply so. Do it the old school way, passing the yolk among the two halves of a cracked egg while the white slips out into the bowl, and save yourself from washing extra dishes.

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Peeling garlic in a Mason jar

The concept is simple and intoxicating: Place a handful of garlic cloves in a Mason jar, screw on the lid, and shake like mad. The lively shaking is meant to make the gloves magically shed their skins. Too bad it doesn’t make paintings. Instead, break cloves gently with the aspect of a chef’s knife or a heavy frying pan, then moist your fingers with bloodless water and get peeling.

Poaching eggs in plastic wrap

I get it; poaching eggs smartly is hard — I struggle too! But that’s no cause to tie an egg in a plastic wrap package before plunging it into simmering water. If whatever, the creased egg appears far stranger (and much less tasty) than any freestyle flop you cook dinner up in a pan. Also, the egg sticks to the plastic wrap unless you grease the plastic with butter or oil, which takes time and makes a mess, which means that this is any other failure.

Coring and reducing apples with a wedge

Any device that promises to cut something better or quicker than a knife is mendacity. Apple wedge in no way cut cleanly around the middle, and pineapple corers handiest paintings while wielded with the aid of an Olympic weightlifter. You’ll trim the center, peel, and seeds out of the slices with a paring knife anyway, so use a knife the primary time.

Washing knives in the dishwasher

Dishwasher detergent is abrasive and wears down a knife’s blade, making it dull and dangerous (it sounds wrong. However, sharp knives save you unintended cuts). As properly, wood handles will warp inside the dishwasher. Take five seconds and wash utensils by hand.

Using bottled lemon juice

This is particularly attractive when a recipe calls for just a teaspoon or two of lemon juice. But agree with me; it’s no longer well worth it. Bottled juice is a rehydrated listen packed with preservatives and flavor-balancing lemon oil. I have nothing in opposition to any of those things in precept, but they obliterate the surprising, zingy, bright sunshine of freshly squeezed lemon juice. From salad dressing to grilled meat to cocktails, lemon juice is a flavor recreation-changer.

Buying pre-marinated meat

Those lemon-herb red meat skewers within the butcher counter would possibly appear delicious, but you have to keep away from them for two motives. First, the beef is likely no longer the most up-to-date, and second, it charges extra. Buy pre-skewered red meat, then marinate it at home as a substitute in an aggregate of lemon juice and garlic powder for 20 mins.

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