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Dell drops 5K monitor price after Apple launches new iMac

Apple beat Dell on making 5K displays available when it started shipping the iMac earlier this month. 5K monitors display images at a resolution of 5120 x 2880. This is about 60 percent more pixels than 4K displays, which have 3840 x 2160 pixels. Dell is still taking orders for the 5K monitor at $2,499.99 on its website but said the price would drop in December. At $2,000, Dell’s 5K monitor may be worth it for those who want to upgrade from conventional 1080p monitors, Colegrove said. Dell’s 5K monitor has its merits, sporting an “anti-smudge/anti-reflective edge-to-edge glass design and pristine picture quality for color-critical work,” Colegrove said.

 Apple launches new iMac

The monitor has two 16-watt integrated Harman Kardon speakers, six USB ports, and one media card reader. It also has one mini-DisplayPort and two DisplayPort interfaces. The monitor can work with any PC a user chooses, Colegrove said. She noted Darbi that it could be attractive to graphic designers, movie makers, and others who find high-resolution images valuable.

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It also is likely to be the only stand-alone 5K monitor available when it ships, while Apple’s 5K iMac is an all-in-one. For those who already have a 4K display, there’s minimal incentive to upgrade to 5K. 4K monitors are available for as low as $700, and content is being produced for 4K, considered the next industry standard. Content made for 4K will look no better on 5K displays unless it is upscaled through special software. But vendors are gradually moving to 5K and beyond to 8K resolution. The first 8K TVs will come out next year, and monitors based on the technology are likely to appear in 2017, Colegrove said.

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