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8Bit Oasis seeks to bring gaming culture to Harrisonburg

With an ardor for all things video games coursing through her veins and a tremendous, determined mindset, she keeps gaming on South Carlton Road. The current resurgence of Pokémon over the past few months has been a key component in bringing community members from all walks of life through the shop’s doorways. Davis and her workers have controlled to recognize Pokémon and install a successful Pokémon League, held each Sunday from 1-three p.M. At the store. Humans as young as five and as old as 30 come each week to participate in a loose, old-school tournament. “All of them sit together, and the older children will educate the younger ones away to play,” Davis stated.


Watching the tournaments and seeing kids in the network’s course interaction is certainly one of Davis’ favorite components of her task. “I’ve had a dad and mom come up to me and inform me that their kids who’ve hassle with autism, or social anxiety or simply not knowing a way to interact with other youngsters … This league has made them find a person to have a spot with, a reference to, and you understand, it’s truely lovely to look,” Davis stated. “Because they’ll are available timid and don’t recognize what they’re doing, and with the aid of the subsequent two to a few weeks, they’re in right here having a ball and have buddies. In order, that’s why I do what I do.”

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Davis’s love of video games has been around long earlier than her interest in constructing a network when she opened her keep in November 2014. “I’ve been gaming because earlier than I could in reality game,” Davis said. “My sisters had been older than me, and I’d always watch them play when I was little, so I’ve been very much into games.” Davis grew up gambling, almost something she should get her fingers on, such as her all-time favorite, The Legend of Zelda. At some stage in her undergraduate revel at JMU, Davis dreamt up a concept to operate her recreation store at some location. With this desire in mind, she sooner or later landed a task as a seasonal employee at GameStop.

“I went from seasonal employee to assistant manager inside the span of six months, after which to keep the manager in about 10,” Davis stated. “So I was like, ‘Adequate, I’m accurate at this gaming stuff!'” After numerous years coping with the local GameStop, Davis decided to make her desires into a fact and open up 8Bit Oasis, or as she calls it, “the gamer’s haven.” David Davies, the store’s supervisor, labored with Davis for some years at GameStop and decided to guide her throughout her adventure of opening the store.

“The principal cause I work right here is Because she cares about this location, and she or he cares about anyone working here,” Davies said. Devices formerly labored in the creation and as a cook before switching jobs to pursue his passion for gaming. “She’s the quality boss I’ve ever had,” Devices stated. “I am available surely early before my shifts begin Because I want to be here. I don’t ever get bored with it.” After her time at GameStop, Davis desired to take a step returned from the global company and focus on the extra personalized connections with the body of workers and customers that a smaller business allows Wide Info.

“I wanted to open a place wherein People ought to come to play and now not just be any other range in a shop,” Davis stated. “Maximum corporate places, you’re in, you deliver them your credit score card, and then you out. So, we’re looking to get Humans to stay and feature a laugh.” For one factor, the gaming lounge is a direct interest-grabber as quickly as a client enters the store. The lounge sits in an at-ease corner of the shop and is entire with secure couches, a huge Television, and an extensive array of gaming structures and video games.

“My sisters and I have been ’80s kids, so we grew up around arcades,” Davis said. “I knew from the get-pass that I desired to have that right here Because that’s part of being nostalgic. Arcades had been large on time.” Lining the living room walls are various arcade systems that vary from classics like PacMan to the greater modern-day Mario. Every of those arcade structures is sort of baby to Davis, and he or she prizes her whole collection. Certainly, one of her preferred gadgets is the Nintendo 64 interactive device, a difficult-to-find tradition she managed to snag from a guest at her friend’s wedding ceremony.

T-shirts decked out in gaming designs, PacMan and Sonic blankets, and authentic artwork enhance the store’s partitions, contributing further to the specific ecosystem. CustomersOldg, are ama customers by the store and the private touches it encapsulates. “There are pleasant personnel, amazing conversations, and for us antique parents, lots of nostalgia and rediscovered amusing,” patron James Patton said.

Davis hopes to maintain a non-public connection and feel of the community alon her clients, whether through her committed body of workers, unfashionable products, or gaming occasions. For now, though, she’s content material with wowing customers with the distinctiveness of 8Bit Oasis. “The component that makes me fall in love with the Maximum is when you see a person come in and pass ‘Woah,'” Davis stated.

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