PC What A Gaming Laptop Decked Out With Two Desktop GPUs Can Do

Nvidia these days gifted computer game enthusiasts with fully practical GeForce 10 series GPUs. For folks who neglected the announcement, the huge information is that Pascal brings GPUs with close to specific specs to laptops as their computing device opposite numbers. This is in stark contrast to basically every other cell GPU ever launched.

In other words, on a GeForce GTX 1080-powered laptop you can expect 1080-like laptop performance, or thereabouts.

To place those claims to the test we obtained a prototype of Asus’ ROG GX800. The ones of you familiar with the preceding-gen ROG GX700 will realize it’s an over the pinnacle liquid cooled pc. Nicely, brace your self due to the fact the GX800 is even extra extreme. The G-Sync panel on the brand new model is larger, the Center i7 processor is clocked better, there at the moment are three SSDs of the NVMe range, the keyboard is mechanical and not simply the GPU is liquid cooled however additionally the CPU.

We completely anticipate to peer extra svelte laptops powered by way of the GTX 1060 and probably 1070s, however the GX800 isn’t about balances, it’s approximately performance and it’s the first computer we’ve held that consists of GTX 1080 GPUs which will let us check cell Pascal on both unmarried and dual GPU scenarios.

The clunky antique GTX 980 has been dropped for GTX 1080 SLI. In mixture with all the other enhancements it sees the computer’s thickness boom by using almost 30 in step with cent and weight by 46 consistent with cent to a returned breaking five.7kg. This all sounds loopy and wildly impractical, but Asus doesn’t care. This is kind of the point.

Asus is Nicely aware this laptop isn’t for absolutely everyone and it doesn’t make experience for most, however the mission here is to push the bounds of contemporary Pc gaming era, in growing something out of curiosity, out of pleasure. For that we commend them.


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As eager as we’re to reveal you the GX800 in detail, the unit we obtained continues to be a prototype, so our professional evaluate will come at a later time. For now, we’ll be content material to look just how Well the GTX 1080 performs in a computer and the way comparable the performance is to the desktop. While we are at it, it received’t hurt to inspect the SLI performance as Nicely.

So with that we’ll get into benchmarks. In total, we have tested 8 AAA titles at 4K, so that ought to provide us a clean idea of the way Pascal plays whilst condensed down to pocket book form.

Can laptop Gaming Be just as Precise?
All consequences we gathered had been using the Asus ROG GX800 docked to the liquid cooling unit which also elements the pc with greater strength. This is required to electricity both GPUs. There may be the option to undock and the computer will still run normally however then the two GPUs are throttled down, throwing less than desired overall performance. In such situation, you can use the ROG Gaming Center to disable one of the GPUs and nonetheless get pretty Right performance.

Asus’ ROG software also can be used to permit XMP mode which allows a 100MHz higher CPU increase clock and operates the DDR4 reminiscence at 2800MHz. Asus recommends customers run with this mode as it boosts reminiscence performance via almost 20 in line with cent and the mixed CPU and memory performance make certain higher minimal frame charges while gaming.

With XMP mode enabled however SLI disabled it’s far possible to use the GX800 on air and get about the identical overall performance you’ll when docked and handiest one GPU enabled. So the single GTX 1080 figures you are approximately to look are viable using just air cooling, Whilst the SLI results require the dock, now not a lot for its cooling skills but for that more 330 watts of power.