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Sports dad arrested for monstrous act

The daddy of a bike owner competing in the Excursion Cycliste Antenne Reunion has been arrested and fined after a crazy act of erroneous revenge. The Tour on the French territory of Reunion Island off the east coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean has been taken aback by the deliberate attempt to purpose severe injury to several contributors of the peloton. Jean-Bernard Boyer, The daddy of French rider Jonathan Boyer, triggered carnage on the primary degree ride from Saint-Denis to Le Port in a mentioned act of revenge for an advanced crash involving his son. Jonathan Boyer became worried about an uncongenial impact on the second day of the occasion. He and rival Enzo Bernard were sprinting facet through aspect earlier than they had become tousled. Boyer hit the railing at the track element and fell hard after hitting a safety barrier.

 monstrous act


Boyer continues recovering in a local hospital after wanting a remedy for a concussion and damaged ribs. An infant spectator additionally wanted a cure after the tip of his thumb became severed as he stood on the barrier the two cyclists crashed into. Bernard has been fined $ hundred ninety by event organizers and disqualified from the event. Still, his apparent recklessness is nothing compared to Jean-Bernard Boyer’s response to the incident.

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After annoying Tour officers to cancel the race due to his son’s injury, Jean-Bernard Boyer took subjects into his own hands when told the race might continue. A French journalist’s video on Twitter suggests Jean-Bernard Boyer choosing up the spectator barrier around 100m before the degree end line and moving it into the center of the street at once earlier than the lead institution of riders arrive on the scene. Six riders have been worried about crashes after hitting the pulled-down fence or unsuccessfully trying to detour across the impediment in keeping with reports. The video indicates two riders falling closely after riding straight into the steel barrier.

A South African rider reportedly suffered a damaged collarbone in the chaos. Occasion officers released a statement to declare the level turned canceled, and no reputable instances may be recorded from experience. “Given the exceptionally critical and anti-sporting case and the impossibility of classifying the riders, the race jury decided with the race director to cancel the first degree,” the statement stated. The reliable declaration additionally declared Jean-Bernard Boyer had been fined $440.

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