Why It’s Not Illegal To Sell Pipes And Bongs

No one could blame you for ever stopping and wondering why it is exactly that we’re able to purchase grinder, pipes and bongs even if what they’re used for is definitely illegal on a federal level. Even for states and countries that have not legalized marijuana at all for medical or recreational use, most citizens can still easily obtain these sorts of items in places called ‘head shops’ and sometimes even just small corner stores. How can these store owners sell pipes and bongs so easily without fear of repercussion, and why are we so easily able to buy them? It’s all due to a pretty handy dandy little trick they use.
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Have you ever noticed a sign or poster hanging on the wall or shelves near all these glass products? A sign that says something along the lines of “these products are for tobacco use only”? That’s exactly what makes it legal for store owners to provide these sorts of things to their customers. By stating that their products are only made to be used for smoking tobacco, they can avoid all liability for whatever people choose to do with them after buying. Might seem a little weird but that’s because it is. Just a strange feature of a quirky legal system.

The possession of drug paraphernalia like pipes and bongs or even grinders and kief presses is a punishable offense and can net you a bit of trouble from police, especially if found on your person when driving for example. If for whatever reason you need to travel extensively with a lot of smoking gear, it might be a good idea to make damn sure that everything has been cleaned until it is spotless. There needs to be absolutely zero traces of any residues whatsoever to avoid culpability. This tactic is pretty useless if you decide to drive with a stash of cannabis though, because even if all your glass is clean, an officer is pretty likely to want to search you and your car if he sees all that stuff.