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Samsung forgets about Chrome OS, advertises Chromebooks ‘Powered by Android’

Because Chromebooks first hit the scene, Samsung has had alternatives available. The Samsung Series three Chromebook has become one of the most popular. Still, over time, Since Samsung’s Chromebooks have faded into history, a chunk of the focus shifted to alternatives from HP, ASUS, Acer, and many others. With Android apps on the horizon, it seems that Samsung is subsequently pushing its Chromebook lineup once more. However, it is probably incorrectly doing that.

Samsung is currently marketing its 8 Chromebook models on a dedicated page. In keeping with Chrome Unboxed, this page has simplest been stayed for approximately a month, and while it’s fantastic to see Samsung pushing Chromebooks once more, the phrase on the pinnacle of this page is a chunk misleading, to mention the least.

Samsung forgets

In the big text on top of the page, Samsung touts its Chromebooks as being “Powered through Android,” which they may be no longer. Alternatively, those Chromebooks run what each other Chromebook does; Chrome OS. Of course, Android apps are coming to Chrome OS and are already available on some machines (no longer Samsung’s); however, stating that Chromebooks are “Powered through Android” could be very deceptive to the patron. Even worse, most of the Chromebooks indexed on that web page gained’t even get Android apps.

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However, this could imply that Samsung’s Chromebooks will be subsequently on the list to gain admission to the Android apps. Google has already confirmed that the Samsung Chromebook 2 11-inch (Xe500C12) and the Chromebook 3 Series may have the right of entry to the Ato enter someday in 2016/2017, even though no precise time frame has been. For now, can get the best wait and see what occurs. As Android apps hit extra Chromebooks, we’ll be excited to peer how producers put it on the market that functions and how customers react to it; however, at the least, Samsung truly needs to take that banner down.

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