Home Sports NFL Preview Week: Tony Romo leads 10 brewing controversies

NFL Preview Week: Tony Romo leads 10 brewing controversies

NFL Preview Week: Tony Romo leads 10 brewing controversies

Every one of the 32 teams has something thrilling to watch this season. And we can see potential issues coming for some of them. Here’s our look at the pinnacle ten controversies that might be already brewing:

Tony Romo vs. Dak Prescott

When we speak approximately Romo’s eventual return from a broken bone in his lower back, maintain some matters in thought: Dallas Cowboys proprietor Jerry Jones loves Romo, and we don’t understand if Prescott can be superb. Sure, Prescott was regarded as first-rate in the preseason. However, it’s also clear to check his suffering once protecting the coordinator’s game plan towards him. But there’s a chance Prescott will perform precisely as he did in the preseason, and the Cowboys will begin quickly. Then it’s a difficult call, While Romo. It is ready. And a quarterback controversy in Dallas, including Romo and a rookie, could be as large as any we’ve visible because of the Steve Young-Joe Montana days.

brewing controversies

And what about beyond this season? Romo, maybe 37 next season, is scheduled to make $14 million with a growing harm record. Prescott will make $540,000. While $14 million is no longer peanuts for a beginning quarterback, what about 2018 and 2019? While Romo makes a blended $forty million, the cap savings for reducing him might be big. It may not manifest this year, and it might not even occur subsequent 12 months, but a hard communique about Romo is coming for the Cowboys.

Odell Beckham vs. Josh Norman

In all likelihood, we ought to move lower back to the Deion Sanders-Jerry Rice (or Andre Rison?) days for an extra anticipated receiver-cornerback showdown.

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One has to expect there gained’t be many brawls When Beckham and Norman meet again. The NFL will ensure the personal feud between Beckham and Norman doesn’t get out of control. I love it did remain season. But we’ll nevertheless be seeing a phenomenal receiver in opposition to an All-Seasoned cornerback, and we all understand they don’t like each other. It’s a fantastic private rivalry, and also, you don’t see that too regularly inside the NFL.

Will Kirk Cousins get paid?

The franchise tag made the experience for the Washington Redskins and quarterback Kirk Cousins. The Redskins get an extended study of Cousins, and Cousins makes about $20 million for one season. If Cousins plays as he did in the 2d 1/2 of the remaining season, he’ll get a massive multi-12 months deal. If Cousins reverts returned to the turnover-inclined quarterback he was earlier in his career, Washington probably could pass on (even though teams mechanically do dumb things on the subject of hard selections at quarterback, so maybe we shouldn’t anticipate whatever). The ones are easy scenarios.

The 1/3 opportunity is trickier: If Cousins plays someplace among The one’s ranges. What if he’s simply decent? He will still need a huge settlement, especially when a mediocre quarterback like Sam Bradford and an unproven one like Brock Osweiler are making $18 million in line with 12 months. And, because there’s constantly some trendy supervisor desperate to save his process, someone will probably supply Cousins a big deal on this state of affairs. Cousins’ agreement scenario is one of the maximum thrilling subplots of this season.

Jeff Fisher’s never-ending process security

Many humans did a double-take over the reports that the l. A. Rams were trying to extend Fisher and standard manager, Les Snead. The ones haven’t produced one prevailing record with the Rams. Here’s an amusing scenario: Fisher and Snead get prolonged, and the Rams underachieve. No, not the regular Fisher generation is underachieving, either. We’re talking about what happens if the bottom drops out. It’s now not impossible either, with a difficult quarterback situation and a few key portions long gone from the protection. Even though it looks as if Fisher (unusually) has infinite activity safety, a horrendous 12 months in the Rams’ first Los Angeles season, in all likelihood, wouldn’t be looked upon too favorably. It also doesn’t look brilliant for the workers’ training team that the Rams gave up a ton for Jared Goff, and he’s nevertheless caught at third on the depth chart for Week 1. The ultimate five quarterbacks taken the first average commenced their rookie season opener; Goff isn’t even La’s backup.