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Kerzhakov: Scoring at a World Cup is an incomparable feeling

“After the 2018 Top Theto  International Cup, I might like pictures of every participant within the Russian country-wide crew upon this sort of stands,” mused aloud the u. S. A.’s all-time main scorer Aleksandr Kerzhakov on visiting the FIFA International Soccer Museum in Zurich. As the ecu qualifiers for the 2018 FIFA International Cup Russia™ kick off in September, the hosts are not the simplest ready with bated breath for the tournament but also dreaming of how they may get their fingers on International Soccer’s maximum coveted trophy. Kerzhakov, who spent the spring on loan with Swiss aspect Zurich from Zenit Saint Petersburg, had the opportunity to look at the award in the query from close quarters at the FIFA Museum.

“My handiest threat to preserving it may be in 2018. But, I would be honestly satisfied if, inside the near destiny, I’m capable of seeing the Russian captain raise this trophy above his head,” said the 33-year-vintage forward, who hails from the town of Kingisepp in the Leningrad vicinity. The boots of the fantastic players from the 1950s most inspired Kerzhakov in the museum. “I imagine what the celebrities of the Fifties like Pele and Garrincha, who produced such miracles even back then, could do if they’d had the boots we wear nowadays. The reverse is true as properly: I am no longer certain what number of dreams I’d have scored with Pele’s boots on. Ten instances fewer.”

An incomparable feeling

Now returned to Zenit Saint Petersburg, not simply because he is the national team’s all-time top scorer with 30 dreams. He is one of the best two current Russian footballers who realize what it’s far like to score a FIFA World Cup goal. In Brazil 2014, he came off the bench within the 71st minute in opposition to the Korean Republic and took simply 3 mins to find the internet and stage the scores at 1-1.

“Scoring at a Global Cup is an incomparable feeling. While you’re gambling in one of the tournament’s suits, it is the best official game. It is taking region in the World at that point. This is a massive duty and a large gift while International’s eyes are looking at your play. “I was satisfied and proud of myself and my united states of America, as well as my relatives and the human beings near me. I’m happy to have written myself into history as a participant who attained a World Cup purpose. I suppose this goal can be replayed extra than as soon as via my youngsters and, God inclined, my grandchildren and exceptional grandchildren. I also haven’t given up the desire to rate a couple of, and boom, my strike haul at home in Russia in 2018.

If Kerzhakov had been to make the Russian line-up in 2018, then it’d be his 1/3 Global Cup – something no other player within the cutting-edge squad ought to rival. “I best played seven mins in our final sport at the sector Cup 2002. That competition passed me by in a blur. I wasn’t virtually aware of what changed into happening and had simplest broken into the country-wide team one month before the tournament.”

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A crew to be pleased with

It isn’t the handiest of the players excitedly looking forward to the Arena Cup in 2018, but the nation’s relaxation. “All and sundry in Russia have waited for this occasion for an extremely long term. We deserve to be web-hosting this Global Cup because of our preference, dedication, and generous Russian soul. I’m positive all the players and enthusiasts who come to the opposition will be amazed each through the corporation and our united states of America is preferred.”

Kerzhakov insisted Russia has plenty to provide to fanatics from all over the Global, announcing: “Our cuisine is superb and suits Anyone’s tastes. Every footballer who has ever come to us, from whichever you. S. A. has constantly eaten Russian food. What extra could you need? Our structure has a notable range, from St. Petersburg to Moscow’s old city. There are also the Kremlins in Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. We have a blend of various cultures here. Each unmarried man or woman will discover something in their own, plus something Russian.”

By the point the 2018 Global Cup comes around, Kerzhakov could be 35. However, he nonetheless hopes to be a part of the squad. “I assume we’ll be aiming high, much like Each fan. It will likely not be easy to win the World Cup. Still, it’s also hard to go away behind some appropriate recollections so that after the opposition, your lovers can say, ‘Yes, we’re happy that this group represented us.'”

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