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Gabon is the latest African country to shut down its internet as election protests grow

Gabon’s authorities closed down the internet on Wednesday (Aug. 31) following the statement President Ali Bongo changed into re-elected, utilizing a slim margin for a 2d seven-12 months term in office. The flow showcased the tensions already gripping you. S. A ., with the capital Libreville experiencing nighttime of violent clashes, looting, and arrests, simultaneously as the principal opposition candidate, Jean Ping, said he feared for his protection and went into hiding. Gabon Telecom, you. S . ‘s largest telecom company, which also routes 91% of the country’s IP addresses, shut down the net around 9 pm local time, according to Doug Madory, the director of internet evaluation at Dyn.

The past, he says, left just a few organizations online that utilize change means of connectivity and satellite communications. The cutoff came amidst reviews of gradual internet bandwidth and constrained get entry to all through the weekend. “Over and over, we’ve visible that internet shutdowns serve as early caution mechanisms of human rights violations, and Gabon may also prove no exception,” Deji Bryce Olukotun, the senior global advocacy manager at the digital rights advocacy group get admission to Now, said. “Authorities within the of a must turn the internet on as quickly as possible.”

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Gabon is the state-of-the-art African usa to close down the net as submit-election tensions develop inside the united states of America. Uganda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Chad One Republic of Congo are all examples of countries that blocked internet services through current polls. Ghana’s police chief became additionally sharply criticized earlier this year for suggesting that social media structures be stopped at some stage in the upcoming widespread election in December. Gabon’s consequences were released overdue on Aug. 31 night time, a day late, prompting clashes. Ping’s headquarters were bombed, and protestors broke down the countrywide meeting’s gate and set it on the hearth. At least humans were killed in step with the opposition, and police arrested 1,000 human beings at some stage in the unrest.

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The president’s workplace has accused Ping of coordinating and planning the clashes and requested him “to call off his thugs and forestall vandalizing the metropolis.” Speaking to the click on Thursday (Sept. 1), Bongo reiterated his distress approximately the election riots. “Democracy doesn’t take a seat properly with self-proclaimed victory, with corporations formed to purpose destruction,” he said. “Democracy is not well-matched with an attack on [the building] of national Television and parliament.” Notwithstanding the net shutdown, Bongo and Ping have both been capable of using social media structures on Sept. 1 to call for harmony upholding the regulation guideline and pray for those killed, injured, or jailed at some stage in the clashes.

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