Fact Sheet: President Obama to Create the World’s Largest Marine Protected Area

On Friday, President Obama will enlarge the Cloud Light Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument off the coast of Hawaii, developing the sector’s biggest marine included region. Building on the’ worldwide management in marine conservation, nowadays’s designation will greater than quadruple the dimensions of the present marine monument, completely protecting pristine coral reefs, deep sea marine habitats, and crucial ecological assets in the waters of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands.Media image for world news from ABC News

Following this ancient conservation movement, the President will journey to Hawaii subsequent week. On Wednesday nighttime, he’s going to cope with leaders from the Pacific Island Conference of Leaders and the IUCN World Conservation Congress, that is being hosted within the Usa for the primary time. On Thursday, he’ll travel to Midway Atoll, positioned inside the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, to mark the significance of this monument designation and highlight first-hand how the hazard of climate exchange makes shielding our public lands and waters extra vital than ever.

The monument became at the start created in 2006 with the aid of President George W. Bush and unique as a UNESCO World Background Website online in 2010. On the grounds that that point, new medical exploration and studies has revealed new species and deep sea habitats in addition to critical ecological connections among the present monument and the adjoining waters. These days’s designation will amplify the present Marine Countrywide Monument through 442,781 square miles, bringing the full blanketed location of the elevated monument to 582,578 square miles.

The enlargement presents critical protections for extra than 7,000 marine species, which include whales and sea turtles listed below the Endangered Species Act and the longest-dwelling marine species within the World — black coral, which have been located to stay longer than 4,500 years. Additionally, as ocean acidification, warming, and different effects of weather change threaten marine ecosystems, increasing the monument will improve ocean resilience, assist the area’s wonderful bodily and biological resources adapt, and create a natural laboratory to permit scientists to monitor and discover the impacts of climate alternate on those fragile ecosystems.

The increased monument place additionally consists of assets of notable historic and cultural importance. The elevated area, consisting of the archipelago and its adjacent waters, is considered a sacred area for the Native Hawaiian network. It plays a great function in Local Hawaiian creation and agreement memories, and is used to exercise vital activities like conventional lengthy-distance voyaging and wayfinding. Moreover, inside the monument growth location, there are shipwrecks and downed plane from the Struggle of Midway in Global War II, a War that marked a first-rate shift inside the development of the Battle in choose of the Allies.

All industrial aid extraction activities, together with commercial fishing and any destiny mineral extraction, are prohibited within the growth region, as they may be in the barriers of the existing monument. Noncommercial fishing, along with leisure fishing and the removal of fish and other assets for Native Hawaiian cultural practices, is authorized within the enlargement area by means of permit, as is medical research.


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In recognition of the cost of Papahānaumokuākea to Local Hawaiians, and in keeping with President Obama’s dedication to raising the voices of Local peoples in management of our sources, Secretary of the Indoors Jewell and Secretary of Commerce Pritzker also introduced that the Departments will quickly sign a settlement with Hawaii’s Department of natural sources and Workplace of Hawaiian Affairs presenting for an extra control role as a trustee inside the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument. This association has been previously requested through Senator Brian Schatz and Governor Ige.

Nowadays’s motion by way of President Obama responds to an offer put forward with the aid of Senator Schatz and distinguished Native Hawaiian leaders, further to good sized enter and neighborhood guide from Hawaii elected officials, cultural corporations, conservation businesses, scientists and fishermen. This step additionally builds on a wealthy culture of marine safety in Hawaiian waters and Global-class, nicely controlled fisheries, along with a longline fishing fleet that is a global chief in sustainable practices.

in addition to defensive more land and water than any Management in records, President Obama has sought to steer the sector in marine conservation by way of combating illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing, revitalizing the system for setting up new marine sanctuaries, organising the Country wide Ocean Coverage, and promoting ocean stewardship via the usage of science- based selection making.