10 Tips for Flavor Chasing Vapors

If you are not one of those people, who love to blow out humongous clouds from their mouth, then you must be someone who loves some flavors in his/her e-cigarettes. In this present day, blowing out dense fogs and covering the sun, is in the trend. While there is nothing wrong with chasing the clouds, and blowing out humongous block of smoke from your mouth, there are other important things that a vaper can explore. Apparently, while one part of the vape society is running behind chasing clouds, the other part without any doubt is chasing behind flavors. If you are one of them who is chasing behind flavors, and wants a vivid, robust flavor coming out of the setup, then this article is for you.
In this internet, you will find millions of articles relating to how to create humongous clouds, but very few articles who actually give tips on how to get the best of flavors from the e-vape.

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Wattage and Temperature Setting

If you have a variable voltage/wattage vape, then you are at advantage. When you change your setting relating to wattage and temperature, you will get different flavors from your vape. This is because, different flavors in the vape vaporize at different temperatures, and, the more you are increasing the voltage the temperature is increasing, thereby determining how hot the internal coil gets, hence, vaporizing the flavors.
The best advice provided by experts are to work your way up, by starting at the minimum temperature. You will eventually hit the correct spot.

Reduce your Airflow

As we said, for cloud chasers, outputting giant vapor clouds are very important, while for other people flavor in vape constitute a major role. To get the vest out of the flavor, you should reduce the airflow. When a lot of air is going through and down the coil, the vapor becomes less dense, and thereby reducing the entire flavor as well.
Hence, if you are chasing the flavor in the vape, it is important that you reduce the airflow, which will then produce a dense vape, and an increased flavor as well.

Choose Your Coil Carefully

While buying your e-cigarettes, you need to make sure you go for good coils. Now, there is always personal preference, but, it is important that you follow some general rules.
First and foremost, don’t go for a top-coil clearomizers. Obviously, these coils are now not used by most of the vapers, since, the flavor you get from the is very weak, because they don’t wick efficiently.
It is advisable to go for bottom coil, since they are a big improvement over the top-coils.

Wicking and Coil Material

Wicking is one of the most important things if you are chasing behind flavors. Initially, silica wicks were used for e-vapes, but they are not used now, since they diminish the effect of the flavor on the liquid. The more predominant material nowadays used for wick are cotton, because they don’t diminish the effect of the flavor.

Choose Your Juice Wisely

Most of the e-vapes are developed with a preference of high PG/VG juices. But, if you are a flavor chaser then you should go for juices which are high PG, while people who are cloud chasers prefer high VG juices.

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