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10 Tips for Flavor Chasing Vapors

If you are not one of those people, who love to blow out humongous clouds from their mouth, you must be someone who loves some flavors in their e-cigarettes. Today, blowing out dense fog and covering the sun is in trend. While there is nothing wrong with chasing the clouds and blowing out a humongous block of smoke from your mouth, there are other important things that a vaper can explore. While one part of the vaping society is running behind chasing clouds, the other part, without any doubt, is chasing behind flavors. If you are one of those chasing behind flavors and want a vivid, robust flavor coming out of the setup, then this article is for you. On the internet, you will find millions of articles about creating humongous clouds, but very few pieces give tips on getting the best flavors from the e-vape.

Flavor Chasing Vapors

Wattage and Temperature Setting

You are at an advantage if you have a variable voltage/wattage vape. You will get different flavors from your vape when you change your setting regarding wattage and temperature. This is because different flavors in the vape vaporize at different temperatures. The more you increase voltage, the temperature increases by determining how hot the internal coil gets, energizing the flavors. The best advice experts provide is to work your way up by starting at the minimum temperature. You will eventually hit the correct spot.

Reduce your Airflow

As we said, outputting giant vapor clouds is very important for cloud chasers, while for other people, flavor in vape constitutes a major role. It would help if you reduced the airflow to get the vest out of the taste. When much air goes through and down the coil, the vapor becomes less dense, reducing the entire flavor. Hence, if you are chasing the vape’s taste, you must reduce the airflow, producing a thick vape and an increased flavor.

Choose Your Coil Carefully

While buying your e-cigarettes, you must ensure you go for good coils. There is always personal preference, but you must follow some general rules. First and foremost, don’t go for top-coil clearomizers. These coils are now not used by most of the vapers since the flavor you get from them is very weak because they don’t wick efficiently. Going for the bottom coil is advisable since they are a big improvement over the top rings.

Wicking and Coil Material

Wicking is one of the most important things if you are chasing behind flavors. Initially, silica wicks were used for e-vapes, but they are not used now since they diminish the flavor’s effect on the liquid. The more predominant material nowadays used for wicks is cotton because it doesn’t reduce the flavor’s impact.

Choose Your Juice Wisely

Most of the e-vapes are developed with a preference for high PG/VG juices. But, if you are a flavor chaser, you should go for high PG, while people who are cloud chasers prefer high VG juices. Clouded Minds Vape Shop in Toronto is one of the best vape shops in the city. Visit them to see a unique collection of e-cigarettes.

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