‘Destiny’ And Sony: The Strangest Exclusivity Relationship In Gaming

This week, Xbox Destiny fans commenced to get a bit itchy after they slowly started out to accept as true with that every one the Playstation exceptional content material from yr of the game might not be arriving on their device with this autumn’s growth, Upward push of Iron.

In yr one, a properly-publicized deal with Sony stored sure weapons, maps and missions exclusive to Sony for a fixed period of a year, and while that became enough to harass fans by way of itself, remedy in the end came when The Taken King arrived and that content material became to be had for Xbox as well.

However now, Bungie has showed that no, that’s now not how matters are going to work this time round. Speakme with IGN, Destiny community supervisor Deej indicated that these Playstation -exceptional objects would not be arriving on Xbox for Upward thrust of Iron, seeming to say that it might be till Fall 2017 alternatively.

I observed up with Bungie PR, who told me that turned into accurate, no Ps exclusive gadgets have been showing up with ROI, However they might not commit to a Fall 2017 closing date both. Alternatively, I was referred to a footnote in this page, which says the content is “timed different till as a minimum Fall 2016 (emphasis mine).” enthusiasts have been glaringly thinking that like closing year, once the year become up, that become correct sufficient, But that’s now not the case. With that form of language, they could in no way arrive.

And surely, they may as nicely now not come to Xbox besides, due to the fact Future 2 might be launched subsequent yr, and probably there can be little factor in unlocking Future 1 maps and weapons when everybody is moving directly to a brand new recreation.

It’s doubtful what precisely is happening right here. It could be that Sony told Bungie to increase the exclusivity period (or paid them to). Or It can be something greater complex, like that Upward thrust of Iron became technically purported to be a mid-year expansion before Future 2 became delayed to 2017, so that could be why.


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Regardless, Sony’s relationship with Bungie and Future stays one of the weirdest exclusivity offers in gaming right now. Most console exclusive content material is usually terrible for one facet and now not the other, But in Destiny’s case, as I’ve argued before, this Ps content material truly makes the game worse for every body.Photo: Bungie

For specific multiplayer maps, they are able to’t be selected as Trials maps for that event, for the reason that it’d reduce off 1/2 the playerbase. For extraordinary strikes, they can’t be chosen for the Nightfall. For weapons, they could’t be sold by using Xur. So while it’s actually hectic for Xbox players, technically the game is a touch worse for Sony gamers as properly, at least beyond what it would be if all people had got admission to the same content material all of sudden.

Now, matters are becoming even stranger with those warped timelines which might be bleeding into sequels and all other manner of nonsense. Formerly, the 12 months deadline became dumb, But at the least it was a deadline. Now, it’s doubtful whilst Xbox players gets any of this stuff, or if it will even count number whilst it does show up.

It’s additionally murky what the modern-day state of the deal is with Sony. Future has its well-known “ten 12 months plan,” But there’s no word on how lengthy Sony plans to preserve paying (or has already paid) for Bungie to create unique Ps content. More is arriving with Rise of Iron, that’s technically the start of yr 3, But again, that growth was speculated to be earlier in the yr, so perhaps it ends with Future 2. However, if it does, Sony should re-up again.

I don’t virtually see why Sony is that this invested in this courting. I understand making the deal originally 3-ish years ago once they were trying to construct an early lead over Xbox in any manner they might, But now? They’ve won. No longer only are they dominating Xbox in sales, However possibilities are if players were gambling Destiny on PS4 the past years, they’re no longer going to replace to Xbox whilst new expansions pop out or Destiny 2 arrives. So why even trouble persevering with this? The gain to Sony at this point seems quite minimum, until they similar to having bragging rights on my own. It looks like spite, even greater than Maximum of these kinds of offers.

The association, of course, makes best feel for Bungie. Withhold a tiny little of content they were probable going to release otherwise for a possibly significant amount of cash is  from an enterprise perspective. At the same time as periodically this issue comes up and causes lots of grumbling within the community (like now), ninety five% of the time it’s generally neglected. The “damage” to fan morale is low sufficient wherein the cash they’re getting from the deal is obviously well worth it. So long as Sony keeps paying and not stressful whatever too crazy, it’s difficult to peer this going away. But with these latest traits, different exclusivity offers like Microsoft MSFT +zero.00%’s “put off DLC on PS4 for a month” deal with Ubisoft for The Division appears downright charitable.

I’ve usually hated this deal as an Xbox participant, But it seems to be universally disliked by Xbox and Sony Destiny players alike, who appear to agree it’s anti-consumer and makes the sport worse for every body. This modern flip provides a brand new layer of frustration to an already perplexing deal, But it’s quite easy. Sony can pay, Sony is still “the quality location to play Destiny” for as long because it wishes