World Gravy Wrestling Championship held in Lancashire

Wrestlers in fancy get dressed have grappled for a world title in 1,000 litres of gravy.
Sixteen guys and 8 ladies competed in the international Gravy Wrestling Championships at the Rose ‘N’ Bowl pub in Stacksteads, Lancashire.
Hundreds of humans turned out to observe wrestlers from all around the usa participate in the tenth event, held in resource of East Lancashire Hospice.Gravy wrestling
Gravy wrestlingOrganiser Andy Holt said it becomes “more difficult than it looks”.

Mr Holt, who is the gravy display, has wrestled within the occasion eight times and stated it becomes “very slippy available”.


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He introduced: “It absolutely does take it out of you, even supposing it is just two mins.”
The wrestling ring is a 14ft (four.3m) by 13ft (4m) pool that is padded to lessen the chance of harm.
Mr Holt, who makes the gravy at his black pudding manufacturing facility, said he has needed to exchange the recipe because the original attracted swarms of wasps to contestantsGravy wrestling
world Gravy Wrestling Championship policies
Bouts are two minutes
3 judges award points on leisure cost, now not simply the wrestling
Losers get gravy bombed within the “laughing shares”
Grey lineGravy wrestling
who makes the gravy at his black pudding manufacturing facility, Mr Holt stated the quality wrestler does not usually win. He delivered: “The points’ device is more about entertainment.”
Former barrister Gandalf the Gravy (Joel Hicks), from Leicester, was defending the men’s identify, while Nicole Taylor-Lyons, 21, turned into aiming to recapture the girls’s event Graet News Network.
Mr Holt stated: “it’s far crazy, however it’s miles all about having amusing and it is for a wonderful cause.”Gravy wrestling