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Women’s beach volleyball teammates break up, turn foes

After four years, the absence of gold, inside or outside Olympic competition, spelled the end of the Sarah Pavan/Heather Bansley seashore volleyball partnership.

The split became reputable at the Rio Olympics’ conclusion, in which the fifth-ranked Canadians went undefeated before a quarter-very-last loss in instant units to global No. 1 Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst of Germany.

“We never won an event,” Pavan stated in a phone interview. “For me and Heather, winning is the goal. Trade might be the best factor for us to reap those desires.
Pavan, 30, initiated the breakup in March or April and had next conversations with Barnsley over the last few months, with each figuring out the Olympics would be their final occasion together as a seashore pairing.

“Even as it has been talked about here and there, it is not something we centered on,” stated Pavan of parting ways. “We had devoted to each other for the whole cycle and wanted to carry out as well as we could for the full season and Olympics, so I do not assume it affected whatever.

“It becomes more difficult being on the Olympics with all the distractions that come with it, being pulled to exclusive locations [for interviews]. That becomes more demanding than anything.”

In a dramatic twist, the primary match for the former companions could be towards each other on Sept. 13 — Bansley’s twenty-ninth birthday — in Toronto at the Swatch seashore Volleyball FIVB World Tour Finals at Polson Pier, previously the Docks Waterfront Amusement Complex.
Canada's Sarah Pavan, left, and Heather Bansley ended their four-year beach volleyball partnership after a quarter-final loss at the Rio Olympics. 'We never won a tournament,' Pavan says of the breakup. 'For me, and for Heather, winning is the goal.'
Pavan and Bansley had been now not aware of the tournament region in the course of the procedure of breaking up. After discussions with the Canadian Federation and tourney promoter Hannes Jagerhofer of BeachMajors, they agreed to play every other.

Pavan and her new associate Melissa Humana-Paredes, 23, will tackle Bansley and Brandie Wilkinson, the 24-12 months-antique who reached the ultimate sixteen at the latest Long Seashore Grand Slam. The winner joins the field of 12 groups, inclusive of Canadian Olympians Julie Broder and Kristina Valjas, to play for the $100,000 US pinnacle prize.

“It’s weird and now not perfect,” Pavan stated of competing against Barnsley, a Waterdown, Ont., native, soon after their cut up, including its “unlucky” the brand new partnerships are being elevated. “Both folks might alternatively place it off until next season. It’ll be bizarre and interesting; it truly is for certain.”

A six-foot-five blocker from Kitchener, Ont., Pavan said Humana-Paredes turned into the primary man or woman she approached after finalizing the breakup with Barnsley, noting the young Toronto native’s 5 top-10 finishes on the FIVB global Excursion this season with ex-companion Taylor Pischke is brilliant.

“I suppose she will be able to get a lot higher,” said an excited Pavan. “She has a wonderful read on the game, maybe very technically skilled, and I assume she will be a first-rate player with more revel in and high-stage competition.

‘No-a no-brainer‘ to accomplice with Pavan

“She’s a first-rate shielding participant, and I suppose we’ll complement each other at the court that way.”

Humana-Paredes defined Pavan as a “pressure at the internet” in an e-mail to CBC Sports activities, adding her new accomplice brings an unprecedented presence to the sand as a left-hander that makes Pavan one of the pinnacle gamers on Tour.

“She’s not just one of the pleasant blockers in Canada but within the world. It was 7c5d89b5be9179482b8568d00a9357b2 to play along with her,” wrote Humana-Paredes.

Pavan stated she is thankful to Barnsley for “taking the hazard” of leaving a skilled accomplice in Liz Maloney after several years in 2012 to manual a 16-yr indoor volleyball megastar into the world of the seaside. They went on to six podium finishes in international play and regularly rose in the world scores.

“I’ll appearance returned on them fondly,” said Pavan of the closing four years. “[Bansley], in reality, helped accelerate my development, and hopefully, I helped her profession a bit, too.
I think we brought more hobby to our recreation to the average Canadian, and optimistically, human beings have precise memories folks as a couple.”

Pavan did say the two introverts are quite special human beings — “I’m more assertive and competitive on the court, and she or he’s very calm, quiet,” — but away from the sand, they would devour dinner together or play board games on Lengthy road trips.


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Pavan laughed when it was suggested that she and Bansley broke up because they now do not need to belly every other.

people speak,” she stated. “It surprises me that that is a subject matter of communication amongst human beings. Anyone in seashore volleyball will let you know a partnership is tough work. I do not think any courting is ever 100 in line with cent smooth crusing.

“We have been both very expert … and capable of putting [conflicts] aside when it mattered and while we had to compete and play properly.”

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