The world’s 10 most overcrowded islands

1. Santa Cruz del Isolte, Colombia

Location: zero.012 rectangular km

Population: 1,247

Density: 103,917 consistent with rectangular km

This 2.4 acre island  The Haze off the coast of Colombia is domestic to an awesome 1,247 humans, making it round four instances extra densely populated than Manhattan.

The primary everlasting citizens, attracted by a loss of mosquitoes, arrived around 150 years ago. There are now ninety homes, a number of which make bigger out over the ocean to make up for the shortage of area, two stores, a eating place and a college, attended with the aid of round eighty children.

In spite of a loss of strolling water and other amenities, citizens paint and idyllic photograph of lifestyles on Santa Cruz del Isolte. “We don’t have violence, we don’t want police, all of us know each different and we experience our days. It’s a wonderful life,” 66-year-antique Juvenal Julio advised the Toronto Star returned in 2013.

2. Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong

Location: 1.32 rectangular km

Populace: 86,782

Density: sixty-six,755 according to square km

Located simply off Hong Kong Island, and linked to it by means of a 4-lane avenue bridge, Ap Lei Chau – also known as Aberdeen Island – is included in high-upward push housing. Locations of interest encompass the 18th century Hung Shing Temple and the 8th Estate Winery, The primary in Hong Kong. And there is at the least one spot to get away the crowds – Mount Johnston, the highest point on the island at 643 toes above sea stage. Our Hong Kong professional recommends visiting the huge Horizon Plaza purchasing centre, in addition to trying the Young Grasp Ales brewed on the island.


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3. Migingo Island, Kenya

Area: zero.002 rectangular km

Populace: 131

Density: sixty five,500 according to rectangular km

At much less than half an acre, approximately 1/2 the size of a football pitch, this island in Lake Victoria – the problem of a territorial dispute among Kenya and Uganda – is the smallest on our list. It changed into once home to just a unmarried eccentric fisherman, however word of his extraordinary and profitable hauls of Nile perch got out and plenty of greater quickly joined him.

“Touchdown at the rocky tail of Migingo it is tough to see it as a place in which fortunes are made,” wrote Daniel Howden in a fascinating document for the Independent. “It has the tough edges of a frontier city, with tiny pathways keeping apart bars, brothels and doss homes; prostitutes and their Younger children rub shoulders with shopkeepers, fishermen and police within the scant area in between. The welcoming committee is a muscular guy in combat trousers and a striped shirt, open to the waist, who introduces himself most effective as Victor. He’s the Ugandan police commander, he says, and could want to look a passport.”Clam shells cover the cemetery in Fadiouth

Four. Fadiouth, Senegal

Vicinity: zero.15 rectangular km

Population: nine,000

Density: 60,000 consistent with rectangular km

Related to the mainland via a slender wood bridge, Fadiouth (a part of the village of Joal-Fadiouth) is sort of completely blanketed with clam shells. Population have been harvesting the molluscs for hundreds of years, so discarded shells are literally everywhere – they have got even been included into the island’s architecture. A key trading submit within the colonial period, the island is now reliant on tourism (and clams, obviously).

Five. Malé, The Maldives

Vicinity: 1.952 square km

Population: ninety-two,555

Density: forty-seven,416

The capital of the Maldives, but not often visited by using tourists, who land at a close-by island airport after which head directly to their motel, Malé is wherein round 1 / 4 of the united states of america’s residents call domestic. It has been the centre of severa political protests in recent years following the overthrow of former president Mohamed Nasheed in 2012.
6. Ebeye, The Marshall Islands

Vicinity: zero.360 rectangular km

Populace: 15,000

Density: forty-one,667 according to rectangular km

One of the maximum populous of The Marshall Islands, Ebeye is domestic to 15,000 citizens, greater than 1/2 of which are beneath the age of 18. A few Population are refugees or descendants of refugees that had been forced from the Bikini Atoll and the Rongelap Atoll thanks to nuclear guns checking out by the. It’s slightly higher than their contaminated former homes.

“Extra than 10,000 people are crammed right into a tenth of a rectangular mile of livable area on Ebeye,” wrote Dan Zak in a report for the Washington submit final year. “The island is crawling with youngsters. A 3rd of its residents are unemployed and over 1/2 are under two decades old. Government homes stand on crumbling stilts with exposed rebar, the concrete spalled away via a steady salty wind off the sea. Raw sewage swimming pools in the streets. There are occasional outbreaks of cholera and dengue fever. The medical institution has an on-once more-off-once more insect problem.”

7. Ilha de Moçambique, Mozambique

Place: 1.five square km

Population: 54,315

Density: 36,210 according to square km

“It’s tough to trust that tiny Ilha de Moçambique preceded Maputo because the united states of america’s capital,” wrote Sue Watt for Telegraph Journey in 2015. “Simply two miles long and six hundred yards huge, the island’s diminutive size belies its historic importance. For four hundred years, this northern Mozambican island turned into Portuguese East Africa’s capital, a legacy of its strategic position alongside ancient Arab and Portuguese buying and selling routes, with affluent gold, ivory and slave traders frequenting its shorelines. This Unesco World History website online is ruled by way of the sixteenth-century Portuguese castle of São Sebastião. The oldest entire fortress in sub-Saharan Africa, it turned into by no means conquered In spite of the pleasant efforts of powerful Dutch, British and Omani flotillas.

“Beneath the fortress’s ramparts lies the oldest Ecu building inside the southern hemisphere, the Church of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte. Serene and easy, it looks out to sea with whitewashed partitions and glassless windows within the shape of crosses.Manhattan

“Once I first came right here 5 years in the past, Stone metropolis, because the Location is now known, regarded sad and sleepy, a place of diminished glory imbued with a wonderful concoction of Asian, African and Ecu Background. Reminiscent of Lamu, or Zanzibar years in the past, its history of slave trade wealth seeped out of as soon as grand buildings steadily crumbling from creeping forget about.

“Today, it’s a different tale. Roads are paved, road lighting fixtures shine at night and charismatic buildings which includes the clinic, the vintage Customs House and the Governor’s Palace, which houses the island’s captivating museum, are all being sensitively restored.”

Eight. Ny, New york City

Area: fifty-nine.forty-seven rectangular km

Populace: 1,634,795

Density: 27,489

The great known islands on our listing, Long island is domestic to Wall avenue, the headquarters of the United International locations, and four of the most visited attractions in the Global: times square, Important Park, the Empire State constructing and Grand Vital Station.

Comply with this hyperlink to examine our expert guide to Ny.

9. Salsette Island, India

Area: 619 square km

Population: 15,111,974

Density: 24,414

You might not have heard of Salsette Island, however you’ll absolute confidence be familiar with the most important city that lies on it: Mumbai.

The artwork historian and television presenter Dan Cruickshank fees it as certainly one of his preferred towns. He says: “I like Indian cities for his or her power and that i especially like Mumbai because there are elements to the Metropolis: it boasts A few splendid Victorian-fashion Gothic architecture, reflecting the aspirations of nineteenth-century Europeans inside the Town, however it also has the most splendid Hindu temples. Plus it’s India’s industrial hub and domestic to Bollywood.”

For more on what to look and do in India, see our expert manual.

10. Île Saint-Louis, Paris

Region: 0.11 square km

Population: 2,465

Density: 22.409 consistent with square km

one in every of two herbal islands at the Seine (the other being the Île de la Cité), Saint-Louis become as soon as wherein Parisians stocked timber and grazed livestock. it is now an stylish residential neighbourhood, with a spattering of lodges, eating places and shops, as well as the astonishing Eglise Saint-Louis-en-l’Île. An influx of foreign consumers has brought controversy in recent years, but, with a Qatari prince’s plans for One of the island’s grandest mansions, Motel Lambert, the former domestic of Chopin and Voltaire, inflicting unique outrage.

best of the rest

different superb overcrowded islands include Lilla Essingen, certainly one of 14 islands that make up Stockholm (12th at the listing), Vasilyevsky Island, the home of St Petersburg, in Russia (14th), Hong Kong Island (seventeenth), Ny’s Roosevelt Island (nineteenth), Venice’s fundamental island (twenty third) and Portsea Island, home to Portsmouth (twenty ninth).