‘Pokémon Go’ Update Tips: 5 Awesome Secrets About The Buddy System Patch On Android/iOS

Pokémon Pass” has a contemporary zero.37 and 1.7 update rolling out for Android and iOS, and it mainly includes the brand new Buddy Machine characteristic. We’ve already explained its essential idea a few different instances, so right here are five extra precise pointers once the patch is set up.

1) Friend Pokémon Have Limited Gymnasium Get entry to: It’s well known that Friend Pokémon can’t be located at gyms, however that doesn’t mean they’re totally blocked from fight. Reddit consumer jawarren1 has discovered that friends can nonetheless find goodies even after training and fainting in battle. They may be used to assault enemy gyms too.

It’s form of weird to assume that you may essentially drag round a dead monster, however it’s a fab tip to realize.

2) Swapping Has No Impact On General Distance Development: Friend Pokémon can be swapped out at will in “Pokémon Move’s” ultra-modern update, however, as Bioreactivist notes, doing so has no Effect for your Total kilometers walked stat. It’s going to, however, reset Progress towards your subsequent sweet. Simply
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Make certain all incoming sweets are earned before creating a transfer.

3) Once in a while buddies locate Two chocolates: Normally a Friend Pokémon will the simplest find one candy after taking walks a preset distance, but AryanFire of The Silph Avenue Reddit has photograph proof of a traveling Vulpix locating a couple of treats on the equal time. It’s unknown if this is only a glitch or if “Pokémon Cross’s” developers at Niantic have left in an occasional wonder for gamers.

4) Pikachu Easter Egg: This Easter egg has been pretty well documented, however it’s a groovy tip for people who overlooked the news. Apparently after on foot 10 km with a Friend Pikachu they may sit on the participant’s shoulder in an apparent callback to the “Pokémonanime series!

Five) How to Repair Problems With Rooted Android Devices: This last tip doesn’t observe to absolutely everyone, however it’s profitable for a few. Following previous anti-cheat tasks, this “Pokémon Pass” patch has been blocked from strolling on rooted, or jailbroken, Androids.


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A full guide to fixing any installation errors can be located here, however it essentially entails the usage of a mod called Magisk. Magisk is a workaround for the SafetyNet API that prevents the state-of-the-art “Pokémon Pass” build from jogging. In quick, people with a previous root will must get rid of all strains of it and re-root the use of the Magisk software. There are pretty some steps concerned, but it ought to be pretty sincere for each person that is aware these Two paragraphs.

Pokémon Go” is to be had now on Android and iOS. The brand new update is step by step rolling out now.

What do you observed of those suggestions and the Friend System replace? Does it rejuvenate the sport? Tell us within the remarks section!