iOS 11’s new ‘App of the Day’ feature can rocket downloads by over 2,000%

New statistics are out today from Apptopia on how iOS eleven‘s App Store and its new app of the day and recreation of the day capabilities are influencing downloads. With an app of the day feature, the organization discovered a boost in downloads of up to 2,172%, even as video games saw an increase of as much as 963%.

Spotted through TechCrunch, Apptopia did a 30-day analysis of downloads since the new daily capabilities were live. An average of functions from weekdays, weekends, paid apps/video games, and non-paid apps/games saw downloads jump 1,747% for apps, with games downloads being boosted an average of 792%.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

Apps obtained a better download enhance than games
Weekday capabilities are greater powers than those on weekends
Free apps/video games had been downloaded greater than paid apps/games
Other details about the analysis consist of that 5 of the 30 apps studied had been paid, 11 of the 30 video games were paid, 3 of the five paid apps had been featured on a weekend, even as 4 of the 11 paid games had been on a weekend.

Apptopia notes that established apps like Starbucks noticed a far decrease improve in downloads, for more than one motives.

Apps that had been already ranking inside the pinnacle 20 of their respective class before being featured, simplest acquired a median download improve forty-four%. For video games ranking inside the pinnacle 20 of the Games category, it becomes 37%. This begs the question of whether or not or no longer Apple virtually cares approximately discovery for independent stores or lesser acknowledged apps. Apptopia Founder & COO Jonathan Kay dives deeper into that question right here.

What is really cool to see is how effective being featured is for independent developers.

19 apps went from unranked normal to being ranked someplace in the ordinary charts. This approach that a number of those jumped greater than 1,000 rank spots.

Another arguable manner to reinforce app exposure is with Apple’s Search Ads. One of the largest lawsuits of this program has been advert relevancy. Just closing week, Apple increased Search Ads to a few greater nations.

Check out the total record from Apptopia here.
Why IOS Application Development Is Preferred for Business Applications
Smartphones have emerged as the quickest selling tool ever and business proprietors are no longer wasting their time in jumping on the smartphone bandwagon. With this multiplied demand for mobile telephones, the producers are also embracing the contemporary generation and including to their product portfolio. According to the records from International Data Corporation, extra than 1,000 smartphones would have been shipped to the point you may finish reading the creation. It is high time that groups broaden cell apps to keep their target market engaged, but regularly they’re not very certain about which running gadget to pick out for his or her app as each OS comes with extraordinary functionalities, barriers, and the popularity in the market.


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There has continually been a strict opposition between Android app development and iPhone software development organizations and as an end result, we’ve got a few captivating and new apps in the market for the cease user. IOS is a running machine that runs on iPhone, iPod, iPad touch gadgets and it gives technologies needed to enforce native apps and also manages the device hardware. Apple’s proprietary method has in truth emerge as extra organization pleasant and the stern manipulate by way of Apple from working machine to hardware and programs has made the platform extra doable and secure within the consumer mobile section.

Since Apple cell gadgets aren’t immediately furnished by the organization, however by using many third celebration companies, the infrastructure provided via them and Apple iOS security and functionalities are incredible and taken into consideration precise enough for mobility roles that require policy manipulate and tool encryption.

Some benefits of selecting iOS for creating a software:

High great app: Though the reality that the Android platform is used more to create apps, but in relation to fine of the software iOS is considered. The platform offers unequaled functions and functionalities mainly inside the fields of children’s apps or video games. The authentic purpose for its large success is that the platform is pretty centered on the consumer experience.

Security: Security in the iOS constructs could be very excessive as no app may be updated or may be established without the consent of the user. If an agency makes use of a cell app management solution to push their app to the consumer or employee, they nonetheless should take an approval earlier than putting in the app at the tool. IOS is a consumer-centric working machine.

Compatibility: iOS is constantly compliant to various devices available within the marketplace and so it’s far constantly clean for iPhone application developers to cognizance greater at the growing of the app as opposed to focusing on the compatibility troubles of the programs. Apple devices have advanced capabilities and a higher processor speed with huge garage area and this allows the iOS application builders to create function rich apps which can be developed using Human interface suggestions.

Better USB audio gadgets aid: iOS devices can play audio or even report with their general USB gadgets and this facility attracts people searching for products/services to apply the smartphones. The devices support correct audio functions and the music sounds excellent on them.