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How to Convert Your Small Backyard Into a Luxury Garden

Not everyone enjoys a backyard accommodating a tennis court, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and an outdoor sauna. For most of us, our backyards are small patches of land with a tiny herb garden that we tend to occasionally. It’s enough if we want to grow our vegetables and herbs. However, if something people learned during this Covid-19 pandemic, it’s important to have a well-designed backyard. A small yard doesn’t mean you can’t have the desired amenities. If anything, it only means you must be creative and resourceful with the small space.

Luxury Garden

Create a View

Most backyards don’t have a view. Look outside. What kind of view do you have? There’s much to choose from when you want to redecorate your yard. You can build a fountain as the focal point of your garden. If you have the budget, you can install a swimming pool or find some hot tub dealers for an above-the-ground tub. Small yards can accommodate hot tubs than swimming pools. This view should give you a nice and luxurious feel.

Create Zones in the Yard

You may have a small backyard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t zone the area. Create zones for the herb garden, swimming pool, and flowers. If there’s a deck there, give it a zone, too. The point is for each amenity to have its own space. You can even create raised beds for your flowers. That will give the garden more layers, depth, and character.

Add a Fireplace or Fire Pit

Adding a fireplace or fire pit, you can add a bit of luxury to the garden. There’s nothing more luxurious than a full-masonry fireplace in your backyard. It would make for a nice area where you can entertain guests. You can organize barbecue parties and bond with your family over charred marshmallows and hot cocoa. It can be the main view of the yard. Even a small yard can accommodate a small fire pit where guests can gather.

Install a Water Feature

How about a fountain or a waterfall? Again, you can easily incorporate these into the designs of your small yard. You can place a waterfall in the garden’s corner, provided it is safe from strong winds and wildlife. This can be the dramatic centerpiece of your yard. The water feature will draw your guests’ attention. A good conversation can start when you hold parties in your yard.

Light It Up

If you have many plants in your yard, you can use fairy lights around their branches. The lights should create a dramatic glow in your yard. Low lights add drama, color, and emotions to any yard. Besides, a well-lit yard feels more luxurious than a dark one where you cannot see the features at night. If you’re worried about electric consumption, there are many options for power-saving LED bulbs.

Learn to Compromise

So, you want a luxurious backyard but don’t have much space for a pool or even an outdoor Jacuzzi? Learn to compromise and sacrifice. You can give up a portion of your kitchen or dining area to accommodate more features in your backyard. Extra space is enough to create flower beds and herb gardens. Or, you can let go of your dreams for a swimming pool and settle for what you have right now.

A deck is just as good as a pool if you care for it. A freestanding tub is also a good option because it doesn’t take up too much space. You can do so much with your small yard if you compromise what you want with what is possible.

Don’t Clutter It

The best way to make a small yard look even smaller is to overdo it. Don’t put all the features and amenities you can think of in your yard. Focus on making the yard as functional as possible. You can’t mix design elements because that will make your yard look cramped and cluttered. Learn to choose which design features are important.

Your landscape is an extension of your home. Don’t neglect how it can boost your home’s value and add elegance to your property. The size of the yards should not be a reason for them to be neglected. It should challenge homeowners to make something out of their small yards.

William M. Alberts
William M. Alberts
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