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Home Appliances to Upgrade and the Best Time to Do It

There’s nothing like a new appliance in the house to excite you about going home. Yes, that’s how adulting feels like. You get excited over silly things like changing your regular microwave oven into that smart oven that tells you the weather and the time. Home appliances are bound to malfunction and break because of wear and tear. Imagine having to function for the last 15 years or so. That’s how many years your old rickety refrigerator has given you.

But there comes a time when you must say goodbye to that old electric kettle you’ve had since college. It may be time to get your hands on a brand-new electric kettle with different-colored lights to tell you if the water’s hot or getting cold. Most appliances will last between 10 and 15 years. That’s provided that you maintain them properly by calling for appliance repair service when there’s a problem.



Homeowners take the refrigerator for granted. And why not? Many of these last for 13 years or more. You don’t even notice that you have used the same refrigerator for ten years or more. But you may want to upgrade your refrigerator the moment you see any of these things: when the back of the fridge is hot to the touch, when there’s excessive noise coming from the refrigerator, when there’s a buildup of frost in the freezer, and when condensation is visible on the inside and outside.

Stove Range and Oven

You may want to upgrade to an all-in-one cooking appliance with an electric or gas oven and a stove-top griller if you have a standalone range. These things can last more than 15 years, depending on how well you care for them. Homeowners often won’t even need to repair or replace any major part of an all-in-one cooking appliance.

However, once you notice the cracks on the top of the stove, the lack of heat from the gasket, and malfunctions in the control panel, it’s a good sign that you need to upgrade your stove range. You can get an all-in-one cooking appliance for only $600 with $100 to $200 in installation costs. That might be cheaper than having to repair the components of the stove.


When did you purchase the dishwasher? Are you sure it’s saving water than wasting it? Newer models have water-saving and energy-saving features that justify their high prices. Dishwashers are great in any kitchen because you can reduce water usage and cut the clean-up time in half with the right model. However, your dishwasher might also need an upgrade when you notice broken door latches, leaking water, and signs of rust. Cracks, dents, and unusual noises when the dishwasher is working are also signs of malfunction. Dishwashers normally last around ten years, so the $400 to $700 you spent is well worth it.

Washer and Dryer

How often does the whole family use the washer and dryer weekly? Do you use it every day? Depending on how many live in the household, the washer and dryer might see a lot of action in a week. Like many things, that will eventually take its toll on them. You will start to see signs of wear and tear, such as a burning smell, excessive noise, signs of a fire, or the clothes coming out wet from the dryer. It would help if you considered upgrading to a new washer or buyer when the old unit is over 13 years old. Newer models have water-saving features, too, compared to older models. While repairs for old models range between $85 and $200, a new unit will only cost around $400.

Garbage Disposals

Like dishwashers, garbage disposals make cleaning the house faster. It also eliminates the odor that comes from spoiled food. The alternative to a garbage disposal is to throw away leftover food in a garbage bag. That results in a bad smell that is hard to scrub from your kitchen. But after 12 years of usage, garbage disposals can malfunction and require replacement. A malfunctioning garbage disposal unit’s signs are abnormal clogging, excessive noise, garbage leaking on the kitchen floor, bad odor from the sink, and a broken switch. Garbage disposals are not too expensive to replace, which might be better than repairing their mechanics. You can get a garbage disposal unit for $400 with an installation cost of $185.

Please don’t wait until your appliances are on their deathbeds before replacing them. Don’t try to spend fixing them when it looks like they won’t last for long anymore. There’s a difference between being prudent with your money by repairing what can be repaired and wasting money by trying to fix what can no longer be fixed.

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