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Discover how you can bring twice the daylight into your extension

Light: your secret weapon

Britain’s generally narrow building plots often mean your only options are to extend up or back — an inexact science that can create darker rooms at the center of your newly developed property. This can be perfectly counteracted by installing strategically-placed roof windows. These can let in twice as much daylight as vertical windows of the same size and work efficiently to make your new space feel larger and more welcoming. Architectural designer Charlie Luxton demonstrates the immediate difference they can make a demonstration using a simple cardboard structure.


Retroactively installing roof windows is an affordable way to remedy gloomy rooms created by previous owners’ extensions. It could also be a good way to boost your property’s value without needing to remove walls and redecorate.

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If you redecorate, choosing lighter colors on walls, floors, and ceilings will help light bounce around the room and make any space feel larger. The clever use of lighting to ‘zone’ larger areas will allow you to break up the room at night, making it feel cozy when you want it to.


Room to breathe

Effective ventilation ensures your newly extended home isn’t stuffy or overly warm. Well-designed ventilation provides the air is constantly recirculating, reducing the risk of sniffles caused by stale and dry air. It also helps to displace food smells and heat if, like many people, you’re using your extension to create a statement kitchen at the heart of your open-plan home. Choosing quality fittings that provide an airtight seal when closed, such as VELUX’s roof windows with ThermoTechnology, will reduce energy bills by giving energy-efficient insulation Jav Leech.

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