Automobile activist pledges to help 2,000 cheated customers

NEW DELHI: Two years ago whilst engineer Sanjeev Gupta sold a new silver Honda Amaze, his joy become boundless. However, it quickly vanished as the gadget, which price him Rs 8 lakhs, commenced giving troubles within 15 months of buy, and the organisation denied him the ‘promised’ guarantee substitute.

Now not geared up to surrender, the Ghaziabad resident become an activist to garner guide for what he alleges to be a production disorder inside the car. To hit out at the automobile giant, fifty three-year-antique Gupta
Engineer Sanjeev Gupta, who lives in Ghaziabad
Published approximately his problem on social media. As his effort got observed, he started getting calls from people going through the identical trouble of their cars. “I’ve got as a minimum eight,000 calls thus far, for hints on handling the trouble,” he says.

Progressively, a total of 2,000 such cases got here to the fore. “Now, I can combat for these kinds of customers. I can record a case within the court in opposition to the enterprise looking for compensation,” he says.

Narrating his tale to The Sunday Wellknown, Gupta stated, “In April 2014, I purchased the automobile from Courtesy Honda’s Okhla showroom in Delhi. In line with the agency coverage, the car had a guarantee of Two years or as much as forty,000 km, whichever turned into earlier, for service and substitute of parts. Within 15 months of purchase, I spotted white smoke coming out of the engine even as riding the automobile one day.”

On July 13, 2015, he took the car to Honda’s workshop in Vaishali for repair, in which he become informed that the engine had suffered vital damage. “They instructed me that water entered the engine via air suction passage by using hydrostatic lock,” he says.


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Later, denying any ‘warranty’ or ‘replacement’, the customer service consultant gave him an estimate of Rs ninety,000 for maintenance, and also requested him to pay Rs 9,000 earlier than consent to fix the fault.

He changed into informed that parts of the engine have been No longer included beneath assurance. “I tried to speak to the control But in useless,” he says.

Except, his efforts to get repayment from the insurance agency, even after taking the zero depreciation cowl, remained unfruitful. Gupta said, “The coverage firm advised me that it was the enterprise’s illness and that they don’t cover it.”

Regardless of getting timely upkeep done from the accepted provider, Gupta became left without a different alternative However to get it repaired with the aid of paying Rs 37,749. This led him to initiate a completely unique campaign against Honda wherein he painted his grievance on his vehicle in black and uploaded its pics on social media.

Whilst The Sunday Wellknown contacted Honda Automobiles India Confined location supervisor KP Singh, he refused to comment on the issue.