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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Geeks, nerds and gadget fans of every age are invited to attend the Staten Island Business Outreach Middle’s generation expo on Saturday, Sept. 17 on Minthorne St. In Tompkinsville. The unfastened occasion, sponsored via the Staten Island Business Outreach Center, Barry’s Automobile Frame, Staten Island Advance and Richmond County Savings Financial […]


Coimbatore: 4 years ago, scientists Shantikumar V Nair and Manz b Koyakutty of Amrita College’s Kochi-based Centre for nanomedicine have been the usage of lasers to stumble on contaminants in food. The alerts that came from the cloth, based on ideas of Raman spectroscopy, confirmed wonderful styles, and Nair thought why now not leap laser off […]


Subscription services have proliferated in the latest years, as a tech-adjoining e-trade startup fad. However, they aren’t new. As you could see from this photo, now not even gadget subscription offerings are new! Your newly flush postwar grandparents were additionally susceptible to the lures of souped up flyswatters and such. This picture comes through the […]


THANE: The state dairy improvement board is working on devising a compact hand held machine that will let you hit upon if the milk delivered at your step is adulterated or know not and that too on the spot. In step with the plans, citizens can equip themselves with the device which can be made […]

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