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I’ve lost count number of ways regularly humans have requested me “in case you write approximately Android, why are you using an iPhone?” Or how typically I replied, “I just like the coloration blue, however that doesn’t mean I the simplest get dressed in blue, handiest communicate to folks who put on blue, or dislike […]


The Galaxy S7 is the whole package. All the hardware functions you could ask for, inner a superbly designed steel-and-glass body with a brilliant display screen. There is something refreshing about the compact frame on a 5.1-inch phone, and Samsung has executed it flawlessly right here, whilst additionally filling it with pinnacle-cease internals. Samsung’s software […]


The final couple of years a kind of consensus has emerged some tech savvy bloggers and the machine writers: Google’s Android is higher than the Apple’s iOS however the iPhone, as a tool, is better than something coming from tens of Android phone makers. That adjustments really with the iOS 10, the modern version of […]


Because Chromebooks first hit the scene, Samsung has had alternatives available. The Samsung Series three Chromebook become one of the most popular Chromebooks ever, but inside the time Since Samsung’s Chromebooks have faded into the history a chunk with the focus shifted to alternatives from HP, ASUS, Acer, and many others. With Android apps at […]


I told you properly before Apple announced it that the iPhone 7 can be the quickest smartphone in the international, since the only cellphone it’d need to beat for the name is the iPhone 6s. Then the first benchmarks came out, proving the exquisite pace gains that Apple marketed on stage. How rapid is the […]

Having root privileges is the equivalent of administrator privileges on a laptop. It just allows you to fully get right of entry to and trade things on your Android telephone. But, a few finds the more functionalities dangerous or want it disabled because of positive features and apps not operating. Niantic, the creators of the […]

Protection researchers have found a malicious application on Google Play that had over 500,000 downloads and was designed to advantage entire manipulate over Android devices. The software masqueraded as a guide for the popular Pokémon Cross recreation and used multiple layers of obfuscation to pass Google Play’s malware detection mechanisms, researchers from Kaspersky Lab stated […]

If Android OEMs had been simply that, authentic equipment producers, their jobs might be a lot less difficult and easier. However, within the cutting-edge smartphone global, it’s now not sufficient up-to-date just design and construct new gadgets updated an excessive spec; up-to-date strength them up to dategether with your personal tailored software program, up to […]

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